Great Scot: Nobody Pushes Sean Connery Around

Café con leche arrives in two porcelain pots, and Connery pours. He is cordial, but hardly, effusive. This is as expected. His enthusiasm for personal publicity may be gauged by the fact that he has never in his life employed a press agent. One understands: this is work. We are here because James Bond is […]

‘First Ladies’ recap: Jackie Kennedy like we’ve never seen her before

Bennett: I never forget that monumental history. Sounds cheesy, but I really think about what has happened in these spaces and the legacy left behind. There was such an aspirational draw to the Kennedys, and it was so brilliant of her to tap into that with the comparison to Camelot after JFK died: “There will […]

CBS SF Talks To Trey Spruance About First New Mr. Bungle Album In Over 20 Years

Trey Spruance: That’s the funny thing: I have two Secret Chiefs records and they’re both f—–g crazy metal records. I started working on them like four years ago or something. Way before we had this idea about doing the Raging Wrath stuff. It kind of came up in the middle of it. So one of […]