California executions on hold, but coronavirus killing San Quentin inmates

Masters chatted with a neighbor, 75-year-old Joseph Cordova, who arrived to Death Row in 2007 after being sentenced for the rape and murder of an 8-year-old San Pablo girl. Cordova and Masters had recently gotten sick with the virus around the same time. “I asked him how he was doing,” Masters recalled. “He said he […]

‘Governor Newsom, save our lives. We’re dying in here’: Demonstrators plea for San Quentin inmates’ release

“That’s not someone that’s high on my list in terms of release. This is serious stuff and requires a seriousness of purpose,” Newsom said. “People just saying, ‘Just release thousands and thousands of people.’ I hope they are being thoughtful and considerate — of not only the victims, but the prospects of people reoffending.”

Professor with history of correctly predicting elections forecasts that Biden will defeat Trump

Lichtman was one of the few forecasters who predicted the Trump’s election in 2016. Over decades of observing presidential politics, he has developed a system of 13 “key factors” to help determine whether the party in the White House will maintain its hold. The factors range from whether the party has an incumbent president running to short- […]

Newsom to release 8,000 prisoners in California by end of August amid coronavirus outbreaks

He said he was worried about the lack of a targeted plan to battle the extensive outbreak at San Quentin, which he described as a public health emergency distinct from larger questions about decarceration. To give doctors a fighting chance to help patients, Chin-Hong said, the prison’s population should be cut by at least 50%.

Coronavirus live updates: Nearly half of all people testing positive in SF between 18-40 years old

11:12 a.m. AARP jumps on Trump statement about tax that funds Social Security: President Trump’s vow to defer payroll taxes by executive order for coronavirus relief and seek to “terminate the tax” if he’s re-elected, drew immediate objection from AARP, the powerful lobby and watchdog group that looks out for older Americans. Many lawmakers “agree […]

The murders most foul: He was jailed for the callous slaughter of three people… but did the Beast of Belgravia actually butcher ELEVEN victims?

Evelyn was an actress from Lancashire pursuing her dream in the West End. Her stage career never really took off and she sometimes took in men, partly to pay the bills but mostly for comfort during air raids. She favoured older gentlemen, whom she believed were less likely to be violent.

Blankenship defends controversial remarks, addresses critics

KEANE: I think — well, two things have happened. One is, certainly, his acceleration of his nuclear program and weaponising them on ICBM’s. And the speed at which he did that drew the world’s attention. And, of course, we transition from strategic patience in the Obama administration, which was actually a concession to him, to […]

Bay Briefing: Coronavirus cases explode among the young

Police Chief Shawny Williams said last week that his department is opening an “official inquiry” into allegations by a former police captain that some officers bent the tips of their seven-point stars, which he said would amount to misconduct. But the state’s Peace Officers’ Bill of Rights sets a one-year deadline for taking disciplinary action […]

Dr. Michael Baden on Jeffrey Epstein’s death: Many questions still unanswered after one year

“They are now awaiting federal trial and can get up to 15 years for not saying what the findings were when they found the body,” he continued, noting that the guards were supposed to go to trial back in March, but the trial is still pending because of the coronavirus.

A Former Bernie Sanders Campaign Staffer Is Stuck In A Belarus Jail Cell, Charged With Disrupting The Peace

He said he didn’t get far before agents from Belarus’s KGB security service “kidnapped” him and hauled him to a pretrial detention center in Minsk. He had only enough time to send one word to followers of his Telegram social media channel: “Arrested.”