Newsom to release 8,000 prisoners in California by end of August amid coronavirus outbreaks

The first round of releases will free people who have 180 days or less to serve on their sentence, making about 4,800 prisoners eligible for release by the end of the month, officials said. Additional reviews will be conducted for incarcerated people with a year or less to serve, and those who live in one […]

Netflix’s World’s Most Wanted: true crime docu-series leaves fans in shock

Taking to social media, fans were quick to give their review of the new show as well as chime in on their view of each individual that is focused on. Plenty were shocked by the crimes investigated on screen. One person tweeted: “Five riveting episodes of shock after shock for your weekend entertainment #worldsmostwanted #Netflix.”

Faith leaders from across the world unite to condemn China’s brutal repression of its Uighur Muslim minority

Former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams is among a more than 40-strong group demanding a halt to what they called ‘one of the most egregious human tragedies since the Holocaust: the potential genocide of the Uighurs and other Muslims in China’.

Saigon’s Tan Dinh Church a top world pink spot

“Tan Dinh Church is one of the oldest in Ho Chi Minh City. Considered among the country’s most beautiful structures, it dates back to the 18th century, built under supervision of Father Donatien Eveillard,” Conde Nast Travel wrote Tuesday.

Israeli govt threatens Palestinian family of destroying its home built inside cave

“I don’t understand how they can prevent me from living in a cave. Animals live in caves and are not thrown out. So, let them treat me like an animal and let me live in the cave.”

MC Insider: String of exits at private lender, hurting Chinese ownership, deadly COVID secrets in banking and more

Some public sector banks are taking the details of COVID cases among employees to their grave, so to speak. The MD and CEO of a south-based public sector bank was recently tested COVID positive. The bank hurriedly made arrangements to treat the CEO at home to make sure the news is suppressed. Doctors from a […]

A27 in Sussex closed as prison van crashes with HGV leaving four people trapped

A witness said the driver of the lorry appeared to walk away from the crash without being injured.

Greece resumes migrant deportations to Turkey

The expulsions came just hours after violent clashes on the island of Chios. Exhausted at being detained in conditions that Amnesty International described as appalling, hundreds of migrants broke out of their detention centre last week and camped in the island’s main port. In response, groups of residents began threatening and chasing them, videos showed.

Jimmy Lai, Hong Kong Media Mogul Who Met With Pompeo and Pence, Arrested for ‘Collusion With Foreign Forces’

Lai’s home is under near-constant surveillance by people who are presumed to be working for pro-Beijing organizations. Last September, masked men threw petrol bombs at his residence. The same happened in 2015. And two years before that, a man drove a car into the gate of Lai’s residence, then left an ax and machete in […]

First boats returning migrants and refugees from Greece arrive in Turkey

The first Syrians to be resettled in Europe under the exchange deal arrived in Germany on Monday morning. Two planes each carrying 16 Syrian refugees touched down from Istanbul in the northern city of Hanover, according to Germany’s federal refugee office. The refugees were taken by bus to a reception camp about 90 miles away […]