Donald Trump Jr. Says Media Gave ‘Almost Zero Coverage’ to UAE-Israel ‘Peace Deal’

Donald Trump Jr.—the eldest son of President Donald Trump—claimed the mainstream media gave almost no coverage to the historic normalization agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), signed last week with the U.S. as an interlocutor.

Jason Derulo and Jawsh 685 Release ‘Savage Love’ Video So It Will Never Leave Your Head Again

If, 20 minutes ago, you had played the song “Savage Love (Laxed — Siren Beat)” for me and asked what it was called, I would’ve said, “Oh, of course, that’s the beep-beep-boop song! It’s the one that goes bee bee boo, boobo beebe boobo beebe bee bee boo.” And I would have been wrong because […]

The world’s top suppliers of disposable gloves are thriving because of the pandemic. Their workers aren’t

That order sent Malaysia’s rubber glove industry into a frenzy. Malaysia’s Minister of Human Resources, M Kula Segaran, convened a town hall meeting with all the big rubber glove companies, including Top Glove, Kossan and Hartalega, according to minutes from the meeting provided to CNN Business. Kula promised the Employment Act would be amended to […]

Rebuilt 19 years after 9/11, New York’s World Trade Center threatened anew by coronavirus

“People are much more worried about someone coughing on them than someone blowing up a building,” said Vishal Garg, chief executive of mortgage refinance startup, headquartered at 3 World Trade Center on the site known as Ground Zero.

World’s wildlife obliterated as TWO THIRDS of plants and animals are wiped out in just 50 years, WWF study reveals

Sir David Attenborough added that achieving a balance with the natural world would require “systemic shifts” in food and energy production.

Book World: How to predict a pandemic: By meditating on disasters and how we see them

The essay “Big and Slow” is an example of the latter. It gets at the terror of global warming not by telling “arresting stories” – a strategy recommended by a scholar Gabbert quotes – but by depicting the problem’s un-depictability. Climate change is so “massively distributed in time and space,” Gabbert writes, citing the philosopher […]

What Are the World’s Happiest Countries?

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When did the Twin Towers fall and what does the World Trade Center look like now?

11/09/01 7pm – President George W. Bush, who was in Florida at the time of the attacks, returned to the White House 11/09/01 9pm – Bush delivered a televised address from the Oval Office 11/09/01- Hundreds of emergency service workers and firefighters comb the scene to rescue those trapped in the debris 07/10/01 – Operation […]

The world’s central banks are starting to experiment. But what comes next?

The problem of sustained low inflation first emerged in Japan in the 1990s. It was then the exception. The events of 2008 shocked the financial systems of Europe and the US. Central banks responded with dramatic asset purchases, known as quantitative easing. That staved off disaster, but it left lacklustre growth and prices drifting perilous […]

Walt Disney World, Prize Asset, Juggles Highly Anticipated Opening With Capacity Constraints, Caution

Disney’s parks and resorts business is more than a third of revenue, with domestic theme parks about 80% of the total and Walt Disney World an estimated 70% of that, according to Wall Street analysts. Parks are stamped in the company’s DNA. The early chapters of executive chairman Bob Iger’s 2019 autobiography, The Ride of […]