A beginner’s guide to Final Fantasy 14

Why you should play FF14Final Fantasy 14’s story remains the best reason to play. Much as in a good single-player RPG, much of the narrative unfolds in cinematic cutscenes, and its mature themes touch on everything from loss to redemption. Square Enix does a good job of making the members of the large cast come […]

Gujian 3 comes close to being the Final Fantasy of Chinese RPGs

The power fantasy central to the xianxia genre is so alluring that there’s even a tourist spot in Fujian, China that lets people replicate exaggerated qinggong moves as they glide through the air on wires amidst a backdrop of waterfalls and temples. As a kid who grew up reading all the xianxia I could, it’s […]

Final Fantasy 16 could be announced during PS5 showcase according to latest rumour

Of course, this might not have any bearing at all, and could simply just be Hashimoto expressing excitement over the showcase, but fans are speculating over whether this hints at Square Enix’s involvement in the upcoming event. This latest tweet follows the recent discovery of a Final Fantasy 16 Twitter account, which is adding more […]

Trinbago Knight Riders v St Lucia Zouks, CPL 2020 final, Fantasy Pick, team predictions

Dwayne Bravo: Bravo is someone you can always count on. He’s one of the best death bowlers in the world and has returned to his wicket-taking best in the last few games. He bowled an economical spell in the semi-final and took 2 for 26 against the Zouks on Saturday. He can play solid cameos […]

Fantasy Premier League winner disqualified over ‘player comments’

Antonov did not respond to requests for comment, but in a YouTube video he said he had not cheated. Instead, comments he made in a private group chat about a specific player had been sent to the Premier League: “The reason for my disqualification is a moment of frustration with a player, put into words, […]

Inside mind of ‘world’s worst serial killer’ dubbed ‘The Beast’ who butchered 400 kids

Garavito only accepts food and drink from a few guards that he trusts because he fears being poisoned, and he rarely agrees to leave his cell. It is said he spends his time making earrings and necklaces, and is relaxed and chatty with guards.

The Outer Worlds expansion Peril On Gorgon is out now

It looks very much like “more Outer Worlds”, basically, which may not be a radical expansion, but it’s no bad thing either. Alice of Bee’s The Outer Worlds review actually convinced me to play it for a few hours last year, on the grounds that a perfectly alright, a-bit-safe-but-good lighthearted shooty RPG time was just […]

Euro crisis spreads and puts the world economy at risk

Among the movers and shakers at the IMF’s annual meetings in Washington, there was talk of “leveraging up” the EFSF, to turn its €440bn-worth of firepower into something closer to €2tn. But financial experts say it’s hard to make the numbers add up. Unlike other multilateral lenders such as the World Bank, the EFSF does […]

to Finally Die After Season 11

AMC isn’t offering too many specifics about the new TWD projects, though it did say Kang will serve as showrunner and co-creator (with Gimple) of the untitled spin-off starring Reedus and McBride; that the two will be reprising their roles as Daryl and Carol; and that it is expected to premiere in 2023. “In playing […]

Thailand: Gov’t half price campaign not yet final

Bangkok (NNT/VNA) – The National Economic and Social Development Council (NESDC) of Thailand has revealed some conditions have yet to be finalised for the government’s half price campaign, under which participants will receive a half price subsidy on their general purchases with certain limits. The government’s center for COVID-19 economic recovery had previously approved an […]