Why Microsoft wants TikTok

That’s particularly relevant when you consider that a large number of young Americans are growing up in an environment dominated by Android, iOS, and Chromebooks in classrooms. With Gmail also dominating consumer email usage and document sharing through Google Docs, it’s possible to grow up in the US without needing any Microsoft software or services. […]

Microsoft lead engineer: Programming language TypeScript took off thanks to Google’s Angular

“TypeScript shores up that last rough edge on JavaScript and gives you something that’s just really fun to work with and runs everywhere. I think if TypeScript were a language that was built on top of a less universal language or a less fun language, I don’t think it would be as successful. It’s really […]

Covid Speed Read: Amitabh Bachhan out, Amit Shah in; Bengaluru device maker introduces Covid-19 killer

Covid-19: the current count in IndiaOn Sunday morning, India’s total tally of novel coronavirus (Covid-19) cases was at 1,757,393 athough 1,149,460 people have recovered and 37,452 have died due to the virus, as per the latest update by the Health Ministry. Worldwide, the virus has infected 18,052,612 people and killed 689,514.Union home minister Amit Shah […]

Microsoft is closing its Socl network next week

Microsoft is shutting down its Socl community on March 15th. The software maker originally launched its own social network more than four years ago, and the company has been experimenting with it ever since. Microsoft’s Socl network started off life as a mysterious social network project from its FUSE research group, with a number of […]

Hasura introduces a GraphQL-based data virtualization cloud

At the core of Hasura’s offerings is its own implementation of a GraphQL query engine that it has open sourced. Currently designed to work against PostgreSQL-compatible databases, the engine scans the metadata of specified tables on the target, builds a GraphQL endpoint, represents the data in JSON format, and automatically generates a selection of possible […]

What’s inside Perlow’s office? 15 years of working from home

Sennheiser Officerunner DECT Headset The Sennheiser Officerunner headset connects via USB to my Mac for VOIP and video calls when I don’t want to use a speaker, and it also connects to my desk IP phone. DECT transmission quality is crystal clear even if I want to take my calls a hundred feet away from […]

Is Dwarfheim spectacularly generic, or did it just casually reinvent the RTS?

But the second, juicier reason I like this mechanic, is that it opens up a fascinating metagame about interplayer communication. The underlord, I presume, would constantly be fielding resource requests from both the overlord and the warlord, and would have to decide how to split output. Meanwhile, the warlord would be having to work out […]

Save $290 on this 15-inch HP touchscreen laptop for back-to-school

As we look toward the end of summer, no matter what’s happening in the world, there’s an inevitable reality: Going back to school. No matter what shape or form that takes this year, students will need laptops, which offer the best way to do schoolwork, or any work, on-the-go — even if you’re working from […]

Computer mouse co-creator Bill English dies at 91

Innovation Facebook is recycling heat from its data centers to warm up these homes Robots, drones and surveillance apps: The unexpected future of medicine Best video conferencing software for business: Microsoft Teams plus eight more Zoom alternatives United Airlines says there’s no point leaving middle seats empty (ZDNet YouTube) The US, China and the AI […]

Redis Labs goes Google Cloud, Graph, and other interesting places

The reason why Redis Labs had not done this before is that naively implemented, this approach scales poorly for graphs that model real-world problems, which tend to be very sparse. “In Redis, we think that if something can’t be done fast enough, it may be better not to do it at all,” as Davis put […]