Real Estate Landscape Changing As Coronavirus Pandemic Causes Business Closures, Impacts The Way People Work

But he adds he has clients who are actively looking at the newly available space and adds, “I think we’re going to see people who are looking for opportunities to come in and take advantage of great locations, and perhaps better deals, then those locations had deals weren’t available just four or five months ago.”

Striking California nurses picket, demand equipment, better conditions to fight COVID

In response to the strike, Riverside Community Hospital said in a press release posted in its website: “During this unparalleled health crisis, this planned strike is a misguided tactic causing nurses to lose 10 days of wages and serves no benefit to our patients and this community.”

Star Wars: Squadrons has an old-school approach to multiplayer and it’s all the better because of it

Star Wars: Squadrons old-school approach to multiplayer is apparent, even before you step into the cockpit of your TIE Fighter or X-Wing. For starters, there’s only two competitive modes that you’ll be honing your skills in: Dogfights and Fleet Battles, which will be in the game from Day One and stay there permanently. Then there’s […]

Vouchers at $72-per-day buy detainees in Ukraine bigger, better cells

“There is a basic minimum which is secured by the state for free for all Ukrainian citizens,” he said. “But there is what’s above this level and it cannot be secured by the state … and an individual has to cover it as his cost.”

Working from home? Love Island Australia’s Vanessa Sierra is selling bikini-clad photos of herself for $20 on OnlyFans amid coronavirus crisis

Social media: Vanessa is currently dating social media star Luke Erwin, who specialises in prank videos

NBA’s bubble works so far, allows “great stage” for dramatic games

Through four days, here’s just some of what has happened at Walt Disney World: LeBron James had a game-winner for the Los Angeles Lakers, T.J. Warren put his name all over the Indiana record book with a 53-point outburst, Houston and Dallas combined for more than 300 points in a game, the defending champion Toronto […]

Better Concert Livestreams Are Coming. But You’ll Have to Pay for Them

“The reason I have not just a first call, but a third, fourth and fifth call with everyone in the value chain on these shows, is that there’s a lot of money that can be made here.” — Mike Schabel, chief executive of the livestreaming platform behind BTS’s Bang Bang Con Maestro doesn’t think there’s […]

Restaurants are taking over parking spaces. Here are 6 ways to make them look better

Farmhouse, hidden away on a leafy block of Florida Street, goes further. The Thai eatery takes advantage of perpendicular parking spaces to place its socially distanced tables underneath a tall communal tent, framed by planters draped with colorful pennants. I’m not saying this is high design, but it celebrates the moment, which in 2020 is […]

‘I CANNOT go to sleep without this’: This £7 light-blocking eye mask will help you get a better night’s rest

‘This is the second one I’ve purchased as my first one is starting to wear and elastic is loosening (after wearing every night for almost a year). Highly recommended and good value for money. If you’re trying to find an eye mask that blocks out light completely, then you can’t go wrong with this.’

For how long can you live in fear?: Akshay Kumar on restarting work

Of course, I was, but for how long can you live in fear? Initially, when the pandemic started, very little was known about the virus – the way it affects a person. So, there was a lot of fear. Now, with time, we know more and also that it’s possible to beat it if we’ve […]