Two mates talking on a street and a man eating a kebab: Coronavirus cops issue $1k fines for being outside without valid excuse – here’s what you need to know to avoid the same fate

Moratorium on evictions from rental properties for the next six months: Scott Morrison said State and Territories will be moving to ban landlords from evicting tenants who are struggling to pay rent. Mr Morrison urged landlords to work with their tenants and banks on immediate solutions. 

How do you sell God in the 21st century? More heaven, less hell

The various depictions of hell over the centuries tend to mirror the earthly landscape of their age. Torture entered the conception of hell in the second century, when Christians were subjected to sadistic public spectacles. Roman interrogation methods included red-hot metal rods, whips and the rack. Dante’s Divine Comedy has traces of the feudal landscape […]

The Hill’s Morning Report – Presented by Facebook – Guidance on masks is coming

➔ Federal fame is infectious: For a 79-year-old public servant and medical researcher, being enshrined in the Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum in Milwaukee is an unusual honor. Anthony FauciAnthony FauciFauci says that all states should have stay-at-home orders Trump officials privately question White House coronavirus death toll estimate: WaPo Birx warns holdout states […]

The show must go on: here’s how Twitch streamers are handling quarantine

Badinger’s life has changed more than a little because of the quarantine. Before the country went on lockdown he’d just accepted a contract with Rocket League and he was flying cross-country from Atlanta, where he lives, to LA, where they have their studios, twice a week. “I had JUST settled in to it when the […]

Breaking the yoke of grief after unemployment

Another key advice for anyone who is employed is that they should ensure that they get a good medical cover. Being able to afford quality medical care is so important. If the government modified the healthcare system so that more people can afford free and quality health services, the burden on the poor would be […]

‘It is a message of hope for those who need it most’: Prince Charles opens NHS Nightingale Hospital via videolink (but should sniffly coronavirus sufferer Matt Hancock have been there at all?)

Birmingham: An NHS Nightingale hospital at the National Exhibition Centre will add an initial 500 beds, with the potential to grow to 2,000 if necessary.Manchester: An NHS Nightingale hospital at the Central Convention Complex will add 500 beds, with the capacity to expand to 1,000.Glasgow: The NHS Louisa Jordan Hospital is being built at the […]

The Hill’s Morning Report – Presented by Facebook – All eyes on today’s unemployment numbers

➔ Politics: Top Democrats are considering contingency plans for the party’s national convention as it is increasingly unlikely that it will take place in its current form from July 13-16 in Milwaukee. One possibility is a delay of the four-day confab until August. As the party in the White House, the GOP convention (Aug. 24-27) […]