Apple MacBook Pro 13 (2020) review: The hobbyist

Our take The MacBook Pro 13-inch is a mixed update. It fixes the troubled keyboard, but Apple’s decision to stick with older hardware for entry-level configurations is a big problem. The design is aging in some respects, but remains sleek and compares well to most alternates. The MacBook Pro offers you the feeling that you […]

Hello, Azurebook: Why Microsoft’s Windows future is Intel-free and cloudy

It would not have any legacy compatibility libraries at all. All the apps that we know and love, such as Office — would be hosted entirely on Azure itself, running in containers and VMs. Rather than engaging in a crash Arm-porting program with its developers as Apple is doing, Microsoft would encourage ISV’s to containerize […]

Best iPad apps for productivity in 2020: Fantastical 2, 1Password, and more

Office 365 apps Screenshot by Jason Cipriani/ZDNet If your employer uses Office 365, Microsoft’s suite of apps are available for the iPad. Outlook, Word, Excel,  PowerPoint and OneNote are all fantastic apps to get work done with. You’ll need an Office 365 subscription to use apps like Word or Excel, however, anyone can use Outlook […]

Microsoft: We want to bring VS Code to Apple’s Mac-on-Arm silicon

“We’re definitely looking at adding support for Mac/ARM in VS Code. We don’t have a timeline yet but our team is looking into it. A large number of VS Code users are on macOS so we’re committed to support them on the new hardware too,” a Microsoft spokesperson told ZDNet. 

Glass keyboards could come to Apple’s future MacBooks

Using glass keys — or keys made of a transparent ceramic or polymer — would result in a surface that is much harder to scratch or damage, even over the lengthy life cycles laptops often experience, according to Apple. Each key’s edge could be given a different texture to the middle of the key, making […]

Why You Need a Graphics Tablet for Photoshop

Drawing or painting: You won’t have to “Undo” nearly as much. Using pressure sensitivity and tilt to control your brush: You won’t have to constantly reconfigure the size, opacity, or flow. But there’s more to it than that. Most graphics tablets have some combination of the following:

Arm processors: Everything you need to know

Apple, which has fabricated for itself a variety of Arm-based designs over the years for iPhone and iPad, and announced last June an entirely new SoC for Mac (see above);Marvell, which acquired chip maker Cavium in November 2017, and has since doubled down on investments in the ThunderX series of processors originally designed for Cavium;Nvidia, […]

Why You Probably Don’t Want to Pay Extra for a Faster CPU in Your Laptop or Tablet

Several websites have done comparative reviews of the 2013 MacBook Air, with both the standard Core i5 and optional Core i7 upgrade option. (Just interested in Windows or Linux PCs, and not Macs? Not a problem — Macs are basically PCs and feature the same Intel CPUs you’ll find in Windows PCs, so the results […]

Losing Boot Camp for Arm Macs is no great loss

You lose the ability to run Windows and Mac apps at the same time. You lose the ability to copy and paste between Mac and Windows applications. You lose the ability to spin up multiple configurations of Windows depending on what you need. You lose the ability to move your entire Windows installation to another […]

With the Pixelbook on its way, is Chrome OS ready to be a tablet OS?

Android is fully capable of resizing a window to infinity, but writing an app with a certain look and feel in both a small screen mode (phone) and a large screen mode (tablet, TV or Chromebook) means double the work. When you resize a typical Android app from its small view to a larger one, […]