By declaring a climate emergency Jacinda Ardern needs to inspire hope, not fear

The long emergency Campaigners for a climate emergency will continue to use this language to ratchet up ambition, but they should be aware of these tensions. If a climate emergency is to be compatible with other ideals like democracy and decolonisation, then it must be fought for on those terms.

Twitter Backs Beijing: Refuses to Remove Chinese Official’s Fake Australian Troops Tweet

As Breitbart News reported, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has demanded Beijing apologize after a top CCP official posted an obviously contrived image on Twitter depicting an Australian soldier with his knife to a child’s throat, appearing to prepare to behead the victim.

Government’s bright line on bright-line test gets very blurry in first question time of new term

“I note the bright-line test policy – introduced by National, extended by Labour – is something we’ve asked for some analysis on over the impact it’s having in the market, and in this current environment that is absolutely the right thing to do,” Ardern said, grinning.

Housing market strength not sustainable – ANZ

Economist Tony Alexander said this could lead to the Reserve Bank increasing the LVRs to 40 per cent and requesting the ability to use debt to income ratio rules, while the Government could extend the bright line test from five years to up to 10 years.

John Gilbert Getty’s death is yet another tragedy for family plagued by scandal, addiction and specter of kidnapping

“Well, we don’t know. He went to the bathroom. They broke down the door. And they got an ambulance. And he was taken to the hospital. They took him to a discreet place, which was out of the way, where they could put him in under a false name or something. And they just looked […]

Michelle Mone opens up about “fairytale” romance with billionaire boyfriend

“But as you get older, you realise what you want from a relationship and I couldn’t deny there was a true connection. I feel like I’m in a fairytale, a beautiful dream I don’t ever want to wake up from.”