China ‘very surprised’ that NZ is upset over falsified photo of an Australian soldier

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern told reporters New Zealand observes closely relationships with its major trading partner, China, and others, and will speak up on issues that it has concerns about. “We will stick to our independent foreign policy, but that doesn’t stop us observing what’s happening with others.”

What Australia can learn from New Zealand: a new perspective on that tricky trans-Tasman relationship

Tingle rightly points out that New Zealand’s proportional representation electoral system encourages competition for that notional median voter. Hence there is convergence between major political parties, rather than polarisation. Kiwi politicians never know when they might need their opponents’ support.

2020 one of three hottest years ever recorded: UN

The drought affecting the Cerro Lake, allegedly polluted by chemical disposals from a tannery located on its banks, is visible on October 19, 2020, in Limpio, 25 km northeast of Asuncion, Paraguay. Photo: AFP However, CO2 remains in the atmosphere for centuries, meaning the effect of the pandemic is negligible.