Jacinda Ardern: New Zealand has raised concerns with China over falsified image of Australian soldier

“I’ve seen some of the latest discussion over what was a Twitter image. New Zealand has registered directly with Chinese authorities our concern over the use of that image. It was an unfactual post, and of course that would concern us,” Ardern said.

By declaring a climate emergency Jacinda Ardern needs to inspire hope, not fear

If it is taken as a sign that social movements can effect political change, reset the agenda and compel governments to listen, the declaration could embolden efforts to hold the government to its word — and to implement the laws and investments that will deliver emission reductions and adaptation to climate risks.

Twitter Backs Beijing: Refuses to Remove Chinese Official’s Fake Australian Troops Tweet

As Breitbart News reported, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has demanded Beijing apologize after a top CCP official posted an obviously contrived image on Twitter depicting an Australian soldier with his knife to a child’s throat, appearing to prepare to behead the victim.

Government’s bright line on bright-line test gets very blurry in first question time of new term

“We’ve asked the Treasury to give us advice about what they think of the existing settings, how they’re going, what other measures they might suggest. We are facing a period of rapidly escalating house prices, and I think this is the responsible thing for the Government to do.”

Housing market strength not sustainable – ANZ

Economist Tony Alexander said this could lead to the Reserve Bank increasing the LVRs to 40 per cent and requesting the ability to use debt to income ratio rules, while the Government could extend the bright line test from five years to up to 10 years.