New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern declares ‘climate emergency’

Wellington: New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern declared a “climate emergency” on Wednesday, telling parliament that urgent action was needed for the sake of future generations.Ardern said the science on climate change was clear and New Zealand had to acknowledge the threat.The centre-left leader said the challenges posed by global warming meant parliament’s declaration — […]

‘I laughed at that’: Jacinda Ardern responds to republished book title labelling her ‘the most powerful woman in the world’

Ardern is by no means the first politician to have unauthorised biographies written about her. Former prime minister Sir John Key had an unauthorised biography written about him in 2014, and former prime minister Helen Clark also had several books written about her.

Reflections of Jacinda Ardern and what her leadership says about us

“I was actually really gutted when I spoke to Helen Clark about the sexism she faced when she was prime minister. I really anticipated that she would say: ‘Oh yeah it’s nothing like that any more, the world’s moved on, and young women in politics don’t’ have to face that any more’, but she absolutely […]

Jacinda Ardern says it is ‘awkward’ to have two books written about her

Stuff correspondent Michelle Duff’s Jacinda Ardern: The story behind an extraordinary leader was released on Monday and The Spinoff staff writer Madeleine Chapman has a book entitled Jacinda Ardern: A new kind of leader due out in early 2020.

After the Christchurch shooting attacks, the world is watching Jacinda Ardern

Speaking on the condition of anonymity to Today’s WorldView, one Western fund manager with dealings in the Asia-Pacific region scoffed that Ardern “was just a less annoying Justin Trudeau with an easier country to run” – a jab both at her and the Canadian prime minister, another darling of the centre-left who critics argue has […]

Our Truth, Tā Mātou Pono: ‘Good on ’em’: Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern reacts to Stuff’s apology to Māori

“I think it’s only a healthy thing for, be it Government, be it Fourth Estate, to constantly look at our role and place … in some of the debates around social cohesion and some of the debates around redress, it’s obviously their decision, but good on them.”

Jacinda Ardern: New Zealand has raised concerns with China over falsified image of Australian soldier

“We’ve had a proud history for the last 30-odd years of trying to steer an independent way through, but understanding that – and I’ve always said that to people – one of the best things for New Zealand is to have multiple trading options, as well as our very good security options,” Collins said.

China Media Turns Fire on Jacinda Ardern’s New Zealand Over Australia Feud

Despite an open admission by the artist himself that the illustration was Photoshopped—he claimed, however, it was created “based on facts”—China has rejected repeated opportunities to retract Zhao’s tweet this week, accusing Morrison of trying to “divert attention” away from the ADF report.

By declaring a climate emergency Jacinda Ardern needs to inspire hope, not fear

The long emergency Campaigners for a climate emergency will continue to use this language to ratchet up ambition, but they should be aware of these tensions. If a climate emergency is to be compatible with other ideals like democracy and decolonisation, then it must be fought for on those terms.

New Zealand declares climate emergency, promises carbon neutral govt by 2025

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said the climate emergency declaration was based on the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s findings that to avoid more than 1.5 degree Celsius rise in global warming, emissions would need to fall by around 45% from 2010 levels by 2023 and reach zero by around 2050.