Female prison officer allegedly had two prison lovers

“The allegation is that there were five separate sexual incidents … also there was an allegation of contraband being taken into the centre, being tobacco, lighters and chewing gum.”

Advocacy group founded by Meek Mill and Jay-Z partnering with sheriffs to distribute masks in prisons

“America’s sheriffs are grateful to the REFORM Alliance for providing the scarcely available life-saving equipment that are vital to the maintaining their jails during the pandemic,” said incoming National Sheriffs’ Association President Dave Mahoney. “These masks will ensure sheriffs are able to keep their jails as safe and healthy as possible. We look forward to partnering […]

Employee of US-owned hemp farm in Myanmar gets 20 years jail

The third arrested person, Shunlei Myat Noe, a young Myanmar woman who briefly acted as a translator at the farm, was freed last month. A court dismissed her case after ruling that she bore no responsibility for the farm’s operation.

Norfolk County Jail Population Down 27 Percent Since Court Order

Statewide, there have been 153 confirmed cases and inmates, 95 among correctional officers and 37 cases among staff members at the state’s county jails since April 5, when a court-appointed overseer started compiling weekly reports on testing and confirmed cases for Department of Corrections facilities.

Son of former Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi sentenced to prison

His father has been jailed since he was ousted last year by the military following mass protests against him. He is also facing a number of trials on charges that include inciting murder and conspiring with foreign groups to destabilize Egypt.

Russia seeks 18-year jail term for ex-U.S. Marine in spying trial

Whelan, a U.S. national who also holds British, Canadian and Irish passports, has been in custody since he was detained in a Moscow hotel room in December 2018. He says he was set up in a sting and has pleaded not guilty to the charge.

Lord Carr of Hadley obituary

Once back in opposition in 1974, Carr remained on the Tory frontbench as shadow chancellor to face Denis Healey. The following year Margaret Thatcher became leader of the Conservatives: Heath had lost in the first round of elections for the post, and Carr acted as leader for a week, the industrial relations debacle having ruled […]

Massacre of Muslim Brotherhood enables Sister to emerge from shadows

Many members speak of the seismic effect the massacre had on the group, in both psychological and operational terms. “It made us rethink our whole way of thinking – both externally and internally,” says Kamal. “We’re against the arrests [of leaders], but it’s in our interests for us to work without leadership, because it gives […]

The Last Word: Lionel Richie on Meeting Mandela, the Pitfalls of Fame, and the Secret to a Perfect Moustache

With all the success at the time came excess. What was the most indulgent purchase you made in your career?Pauses] Probably my first divorce [laughs]. It was another one of those great life lessons. But as time goes on — even though I am now very good friends with my ex — you realize, let’s […]

Rapist ride-hailing driver sentenced to 42 months in appeal

At the appeal, the jury said the level of the sentence at the first instance handed down to the defendant was not commensurate with the serious nature of the crime, so it rejected Thuận’s appeal and decided to increase the penalty to 42 months in prison for the defendant. — VNS