Here’s all you need to know about Citi’s new CEO Jane Fraser

“We believe Jane is the right person to build on Mike’s record and take Citi to the next level. She has deep experience across our lines of business and regions and we are highly confident in her. Jane’s ability to think strategically and also operate a business are a unique combination that will serve our […]

Citi picks Jane Fraser as its next CEO, first woman in that role

Corbat led Citigroup for eight years, rebuilding the company after it nearly collapsed during the Great Recession and 2008 financial crisis. The federal government had to step in to buy a stake in Citi to keep it afloat, and the New York bank had some of the most toxic assets of all the major banks […]

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Unlike other commercial spaceflight companies, such as Blue Origin, Virgin Galactic initiates its flights without using a traditional rocket launch. Instead, the firm launches its passenger-laden SpaceShipTwo and other craft from a carrier plane, dubbed WhiteKnightTwo. Once SpaceShipTwo has propelled itself into space its engines shut off for a period of weightlessness before returning home

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Citigroup’s ‘strategic thinker’ Jane Fraser breaks glass ceiling

She said she ignored those who warned her that she would be “stupid” to get pregnant and was subsequently appointed a McKinsey partner two weeks after giving birth. She worked part-time there for a decade before returning to banking with Citigroup in 2004, keen to move away from advising and back to running a business.

Citi picks Jane Fraser as next CEO, first woman in that role

NEW YORK: Citigroup announced that Jane Fraser would succeed Michael Corbat as the bank’s next chief executive, making Fraser the first woman to ever lead a Wall Street bank.Fraser is currently head of Citi’s global consumer banking division, a major part of the bank that includes checking and savings accounts but also Citi’s massive credit […]

Jane Fraser to become Citi CEO; 1st woman to lead major bank

Corbat turned Citi into a much smaller and stable entity, focusing on its credit card businesses and its international banking franchise. It was able to pass the Federal Reserve’s “stress tests,” which test a bank’s resiliency, and is considered a much healthier institution now than it ever was before the financial crisis.

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He says: “A lot of anxieties disappear, you get to a certain age and you think, ‘Well, I am that age. If I die next year, that will probably be average’. If you think you’ve done most of what you want to do, it’s all rather a relief.”

Citigroup’s Jane Fraser to be first woman CEO of Wall Street bank

Dylan Haggart, a partner at ValueAct Capital, which owns 27 million shares of Citigroup, said that the hedge fund had worked closely with Fraser in recent years and developed a “deep appreciation for her ability to lead thoughtful strategic transformation and drive operational results.”

Citi names Jane Fraser as CEO, the first woman to lead a major US bank

“I have worked with Jane for many years and am proud to have her succeed me,” Corbat said in a statement. “With her leadership, experience and values, I know she will make an outstanding CEO.”