Japan to participate in WHO coronavirus vaccine programme

The COVAX programme, launched in late April, is designed to serve as an insurance policy to secure access to COVID-19 vaccines. Participation has been uncertain as several wealthier nations, including Japan and the United States, have struck their own deals for vaccines.

Nippon Steel to seek M&As overseas, but not in Japan: president

“We are not considering to proceed with any further M&As in Japan, but we want to seek M&As overseas,” Hashimoto told a news conference, the key growth markets for Nippon Steel being India, the United States and ASEAN countries.

Japan’s baby panda now has a name: Xiang Xiang, or fragrance

The Ueno Zoo in Tokyo says the panda is healthy and growing rapidly. She now weighs 6 kilograms (13 pounds) and measures 65 centimeters (26 inches) long, nearly twice as big as she was a month ago, according to the latest measurement marking the 100th day since birth.

Japan’s Sompo to buy U.S. crop insurer from CGB Enterprises

The acquisition comes as Sompo steps up expansions in its insurance business for the agriculture sector at a time when demand for such coverage is rising due to a growing number of severe weather events, including drought and floods amid global warming, the Nikkei said.

Emperor Akihito, Japan’s pilgrim of peace visits the Philippines

At odds with much Japanese behavior of recent years, ranging from Prime Ministerial visits to the Yasukuni Shrine, which enshrines war criminals among others, to whitewashing Japanese atrocities in school textbooks, Akihito has been expressing remorse and making gestures of repentance that convey Japan’s contrition regarding the nation’s regional rampage.

5 things to know about Japan’s World War II surrender

Countries also mark different dates for political and historical reasons. In 2014, China set Sept. 3 as a newly formalized historical day to annually mark the Victory Day of the Chinese People’s War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression. The country celebrates with a military march. The Philippines also observes Sept. 3, the day in 1945 […]

Analysis | Shinzo Abe, the Prime Minister who raised Japan’s profile, deepened ties with India

While not budging on Japan’s sovereignty, he at the same time made some concessions such as agreeing a four point consensus on the East China Sea in which, Mr. Kato said, Japan “finally acknowledged territorial disputes existed, which it previously did not.” “In my view, Abe was not hard enough on China, in part because […]

5 things to know about Japan’s World War II surrender

A: The official signing of Japan’s surrender ordered that the country must cease all military actions, liberate prisoners of war and others in captivity and follow other terms. It also launched a seven-year U.S. occupation that lasted until the San Francisco Peace Treaty took effect in April 1952, allowing Japan’s return to the international community. […]

Why Four Volcanic Islands Stand In The Way Of Permanent Peace Between Russia and Japan’s Next PM

On its website the Japanese Foreign Ministry claims: “Japan discovered and surveyed the Four Northern Islands before the Russians arrived there. By the early 19th century at the latest, Japan had effectively established control over the four islands.” In 1905, after being defeated in the Russo-Japanese War, the Tsar recognised the Kuril Islands as belonging […]

Newsmaker: Japan’s Shinzo Abe sought to revive economy, fulfil conservative agenda

At the outbreak’s onset, Abe was slow to close Japan’s borders and implement a state of emergency urging people to stay home and shops to close. Critics initially branded the response clumsy and later faulted Abe for a lack of leadership.