World’s fattest kid described as ‘symbol of hope’ by trainer after losing 110kg

Mr Raj told Asia One: “According to Arya’s parents, initially he weighed 85kg before his appetite increased extremely. He is now losing weight without losing his spirit. This is a rare quality, especially among adults.

With Wuhan virus genetic code in hand, scientists begin work on a vaccine

At the University of Queensland in Australia, scientists backed by the global health emergency group the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) said they are working on what they describe as a “molecular clamp” vaccine approach.

Israel Folau issued with Rugby Australia code of conduct breach notice, given 48 hours to respond

“We had a discussion at the end of the last time and made it pretty clear about his right to believe and our support in that if that’s what he wants,” he said.

Walt Disney World Florida offer gets you 14 days for the price of 7 on park tickets

Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park is just as exciting and surprising, with a gigantic wave pool with 6ft swells and a rip-roaring roller coaster style raft ride called Crush n Gusher. Tiny tots can explore the Ketchakiddee Creek play area, where they will find 10 different fun-filled aquatic activities just for preschoolers and littluns.

Tesla surpasses Volkswagen to become the world’s second most valuable automaker

The Silicon Valley electric automaker claimed that it had shipped more than 3,67,500 cars in 2019, up by 50 percent from 2018. The numbers not only point to the company’s growth but the growing appeal of electric vehicles. Despite the rise, Tesla still remains a small rival to its competitors, not even appearing in the […]

‘Hello, hello, hello, not you, hello’: Twitter erupts with hilarious memes after Prince Charles avoids shaking hands with US Vice President Mike Pence

World leaders pose for a family photo during the World Holocaust Forum in Jerusalem. Vice President Mike Pence, Russian President Vladimir Putin, French President Emmanuel Macron, and the presidents of Germany, Italy and Austria were among the more than 40 dignitaries attending

Bricks LA; Hello Kitty Truck; ​Winter Snow Fest: SoCal Weekend

Create a Patch account and sign up to post your own local content on Patch, totally free. It’s probably the easiest thing you’ll do all day.Make a Calendar Event and fill it with all the awesome info that people need to add it to their list of things to do in their neighborhood. Choose a […]

How Google’s DeepMind will train its AI inside Unity’s video game worlds

Going even grander, simulated physics could allow virtual chemistry experiments, in which software conducts far more experiments with virtual chemicals than humans can with real ones, says Lange. That could at least narrow down the candidates for real-world testing. Lange predicts that AI based on gaming engines may be able to achieve this in about […]

Microsoft was leading the world in AR; now it’s at risk of being left behind

It wouldn’t tremendously surprise us if this is the path that the company ultimately takes, but making a success of this approach would require Microsoft to do another thing that it has often struggled with: move fast. It’s inevitable that this augmented reality middleware will be built, as developers are sure to want to avoid […]

Goodbye Surfing, Hello God: Brian Wilson’s Tortured Effort to Finish ‘Smile’

“I’m writing a teenage symphony to God,” Brian Wilson told dinner guests on an October evening. He then played for them the collection of black acetate trial records that lay piled on the floor of his red-imitation-velvet-wallpapered bedroom with its leopard-print bedspread. In the bathroom, above the washbasin, there was a plastic color picture of Jesus Christ […]