World’s fattest kid described as ‘symbol of hope’ by trainer after losing 110kg

Mr Raj told Asia One: “According to Arya’s parents, initially he weighed 85kg before his appetite increased extremely. He is now losing weight without losing his spirit. This is a rare quality, especially among adults.

Walt Disney World Florida offer gets you 14 days for the price of 7 on park tickets

Take a wild ride on the family-friendly coaster Slinky Dog Dash that twists and turns around Andy’s oversized backyard, go for an intergalactic spin with the adorable aliens on Alien Swirling Saucers and pop on the 4D glasses for a tour through a carnival-themed arcade in Toy Story Mania.

World Bank to consider giving Tanzania $500 million education loan despite ban on pregnant schoolgirls

Tanzanian activists have written a letter, seen by CNN, to the executive board urging them to stop the loan until the country passes a law that guarantees the rights of pregnant girls to attend regular secondary schools and ends mandatory pregnancy tests. CNN visited three Tanzanian schools in 2018 where girls from grades eight and […]

18 things we learned from Taylor Swift’s ‘1989 World Tour’ documentary

7. She pulled out all the stops for her special guests — including changing the color of the audience. “We can program the bracelets to be absolutely any color,” Swift said. “So the first thing I ask them is, ‘What color do you want the audience to be?’ ” She’d be a great concierge in […]

Olympian Lolo Jones admits being open about her sex life has hurt her in the dating world

General manager of this year’s athletes’ village, Takashi Kitajima, said the beds can hold up to 200kg and are “stronger than wooden beds”, but Aussie basketball star Andrew Bogut was quick to chime in about what he thought was a possible problem with frames made of cardboard.

‘Hello, hello, hello, not you, hello’: Twitter erupts with hilarious memes after Prince Charles avoids shaking hands with US Vice President Mike Pence

World leaders pose for a family photo during the World Holocaust Forum in Jerusalem. Vice President Mike Pence, Russian President Vladimir Putin, French President Emmanuel Macron, and the presidents of Germany, Italy and Austria were among the more than 40 dignitaries attending

What Team HELLO! are watching this week – see our top picks

The BBC drama, consisting of six episodes, follows the heavily publicised ‘Profumo affair’ where a Soho showgirl has an affair with the Secretary of State for War, John Profumo. Although the affair and the subsequent downfall of the government is widely well known, the series focuses on 19-year-old Christine and tells the story from her […]

How Google’s DeepMind will train its AI inside Unity’s video game worlds

DeepMind, part of Google parent company Alphabet, is going big on virtual world AI training through a deal with game-making software provider Unity Technologies (which powers games like Monument Valley and Pokémon Go). DeepMind will run the software at a giant scale to train algorithms in physics-realistic environments–part of a growing trend in AI. Game […]

Microsoft was leading the world in AR; now it’s at risk of being left behind

The surprise reveal of Microsoft’s HoloLens back in 2015 caught the world off guard. The product hadn’t leaked, and it offered something genuinely new: a self-contained headset that mixed 3D computer graphics with the real world, offering the kind of augmented reality experience that had hitherto been the sole preserve of science fiction. Unlike virtual […]

Goodbye Surfing, Hello God: Brian Wilson’s Tortured Effort to Finish ‘Smile’

Whatever the case, at the end of the summer, “Heroes and Villains” was released in sharply edited form and Smile was reported to be on its way. In the meantime, however, the Beatles had released Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band and John Lennon was riding about London in a bright yellow Phantom VII Rolls-Royce […]