Jim Carrey Is Jeff Goldblum’s The Fly in SNL Pence Vs. Harris Debate Sketch

The cold open parodied the vice presidential debate as a whole, featuring Beck Bennett as Mike Pence and Emmy-winning performer Maya Rudolph returning as Kamala Harris. After the two trade some verbal jabs, it is revealed that Carrey’s Biden is watching along at home, unhappy with what he sees. Feeling that he needs to get […]

Barack Obama Handled a Fly on TV Very Differently to Mike Pence

Pence continuously interrupted Harris throughout the debate. But Harris said would not allow it, and challenged Pence multiple times, like when she said: “Mr. Vice President, I’m speaking. I’m speaking.” Pence continued to talk, until Harris said: “If you don’t mind letting me finish, then we can have a conversation.”

Let’s Evaluate Disney+’s First Year

Disney understandably wants to keep Disney+ very tightly focused on family-friendly programming, but why shouldn’t reruns of Black-ish or The Conners live on Disney+ in addition to Hulu? NBCUniversal is now moving to a model in which programming is developed to play across multiple networks and the Peacock streaming platform. Does Disney do something similar? And while I get the importance of making […]

Pence, Harris Dodge Debate Questions, but Housefly Steals the Show

It landed on Pence’s head during one of his remarks about systemic racism and police reform … and remained there quietly, not moving an inch, even after he stopped talking. Talk about patience — the fly even hung out during much of Harris’ rebuttal, before taking off. Total photobomb time? 2 minutes!!!