The Hidden Logic of Trump’s Staff Exodus

Trump apologists will argue that Saccone was too conventional a Republican to wear a MAGA hat convincingly. But Saccone had enthusiastically embraced Trump and Trumpism. The fact is that since Trump became president, his all-in endorsements of GOP candidates have failed to win victories whether the candidate is a standard-issue conservative in a purplish state […]

Mother reveals how she completely transformed her rundown 1950s home into a tranquil ultra-modern space for £50,000 – and kept costs down with second-hand decor from charity shops and eBay

She said: ‘We added the cornicing, which wasn’t cheap but it was a must-have, as it adds so much character to the house. We also invested in good quality light switches and door handles as these are touched and used so much, and gives the illusion of luxury throughout.

Savvy mum gives her entire home a lockdown makeover with budget buys and manages to create a dressing room and redecorate a bigger bedroom for her daughter for £500

‘My daughter Evie was over the moon when she saw her room as we did it as a surprise for her – her face was well worth all the hard work we put in and now she never wants to sleep out – and she always wants her friends to stay here!’

Asian shares mixed, Tokyo lower as Wall Street rally fades

Gap rose 12.6%, United Airlines gained 12.4% and Diamondback Energy was up 13.5% as investors imagined people shopping again at stores, flying for vacations and driving to the office once stay-at-home orders are relaxed. All three, though, are still down more than 50% for 2020 so far.

How ‘Overwatch’ Became a Better Game for Colorblind Players

Overwatch’s Andrew Boyd, the producer who oversaw the colorblind settings update, can attest to the differences these changes make. He himself is colorblind, his deuteranopia making it difficult to see greens and reds, and is now able to experience the game differently. He also has the chance to play heroes he previously avoided, with the […]

First Premier League club defers wages as union pleads for fairness

Manchester United forward Marcus Rashford — whose work with a food distribution charity in Manchester to feed children attracted a huge public response in terms of donations — said the players had not wanted to respond with a scattergun approach but with a single goal.

North Reading Power Outages

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