Tiger King’s Jeff Lowe insists there’s ‘much more’ to discover about Carole Baskin’s missing husband

As well as her repeated denials over having anything to do with Don’s disappearance, Carole has also slammed how her first marriage was portrayed on the show.

Where Are They Now? Hut Stricklin still part of Alabama Gang

“Every one of them told me if I ever took a lick or trauma to the head, I could bleed to death internally. When all that happened, I pretty much decided then I was done. I didn’t want to. I had aspirations to maybe drive in the Truck Series, like a lot of older drivers […]

Bay Area funeral industry bracing for expected rise in coronavirus deaths

“They realize the funeral home is just like Costco or Trader Joes,” Gordan said. “We’re just trying to do our best to provide essential functions of the community in a safe manner. It’s still a challenge for people though, it’s an emotional time.”

‘Not welcome here’: Amazon faces growing resistance to its second home

Lander expressed disappointment that he had not been able to garner more support from a network of progressive elected officials around the country, but was also understanding of the intense political pressure that many feel to support their cities’ bids. “We have a lot of organizing to do or it will probably happen just like […]

Woodlands-area couple chasing passions with 3-D printing, scanning business

“When you take the picture, the (3-D) model is never perfect. It depends on what the person is wearing, what colors, how many people are in (the scanning machine) and other objects…skin comes out really good. If the person has tight-fitting clothes and stuff like that and there is less shadow from the camera, the […]

Fish biting/safeguards need to part of a trip

“I remember fishing with my dad when he threw a Devils Horse (an old Smithwick lure) and the Boy Howdy and we’d paddle, maybe a half-mile at the most, upriver in a flat boat and drift down and he’d look for shad and trashpiles and grassbeds, whatever, along the bank. When the tide was moving […]

NASCAR stars join iRacing series as season is halted due to COVID-19 outbreak

The track was meant to be the location of the NASCAR Cup Series race this weekend, but with the coronavirus rapidly spreading, NASCAR had no choice but to halt the season. Fans will still be able to see a race take place there this weekend, and while video games are not the same as real […]

How does Disney+ Hotstar compare to Netflix, Amazon Prime and Apple TV+ in India?

The tech stack runs on BAMTech (the gold standard of white-label streaming), which Disney purchased in 2017. Given the universal age appeal of Disney Plus, parental controls on the platform are pretty tight; there is a Kids-Safe Mode to ensure age-appropriate content. There is also a separate section for only Disney+ content content on the […]

Woodlands officials urge extra caution with trash disposal

Officials at The Woodlands Township are urging residents to be extra diligent and use caution with their home trash and waste after two Waste Management trash trucks in the Greater Houston region caught fire in recent weeks after improperly disposed of flammable items ignited. John Geiger, director of the environmental services department for the township, […]

Bay Area coronavirus updates: Santa Rita Jail reports first confirmed case of coronavirus

On Friday, 11 new deaths were reported across the nine counties that comprise the San Francisco Bay Area. Alameda and San Mateo counties each reported three new deaths, while Conta Costa County and Santa Clara county reported new two fatalities apiece. An additional Friday death was reported in Napa County.