Swedish Government Party Wants to Force Imams, Rabbis to Wed Homosexuals

By contrast, the Church of Sweden, Europe’s largest Lutheran denomination at over 5 million worshippers and former state church, is permissive of gay marriage, and even has homosexual priests, although individual pastors are not obliged to marry homosexual couples.

Man who ran over Charlottesville protester guilty of murder

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Get off our sand! Police tell thousands packed onto Bournemouth beach to go home amid fury at lack of social distancing in 92F heat – as roads are gridlocked by half a million visitors, people camp out on the sand and fights break out

‘They’ve got money in their pockets and the weather’s fantastic, there’s nowhere else to go, there’s no holidays. If 10,000 leave the UK every day to go on holiday, they’re not now. And where are they going to go? They’re going to come to the coast, aren’t they? And rightly so.’