China, Russia key adversaries to world order: Top UK intel official

Suspected Russian agents were alleged to be behind poisoning of former Russian military officer Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia Skripal in the south-west England town of Salisbury on March 4, 2018, which sparked a diplomatic tussle between London and Moscow.

China has spent 2020 losing friends. But Brussels can’t afford to make an enemy of world’s next hyperpower

However, critics fear that the EU’s political division, geopolitical ambition and economic fragility make it ill equipped to stand up forcefully to Beijing. “The Commission does like to engage with issues and make strong statements, as they have done on Hong Kong lately. But in my experience, it is rarely backed up with firm action,” […]

Reeves: Virus outbreak during election year ‘unfortunate’

“It’s certainly unfortunate that if we’re going to have a pandemic, the likes of which we haven’t seen in over 100 years, that it would happen to occur — maybe it wasn’t happenstance — but that it would happen to occur during an election year, which has made a large number of people look at […]

NASA seeking explorers for mining on moon, welcomes private firms of all nationalities

The NASA Administrator said that when considering such proposals to buy lunar resources from private companies, the agency will require that “all actions be taken in a transparent fashion, in full compliance with the Registration Convention, Article II and other provisions of the Outer Space Treaty, and all of our other international obligations.”

Jim France reaffirms that France family is ‘committed’ to NASCAR

“On behalf of Lesa, Ben (Kennedy) and myself, welcome all of you to the 61st running of the Great America Race, the Daytona 500. Also, I’d like to recognize some of the family members. There’s not time to recognize all of them, but this sport was built by families. You have the Petty family, the […]

Jim Gaffigan on summer memories, ’50s style

It wasn’t just the kids that were living in the ’50s this summer. For most of us, the most exciting – dare I say, dangerous! – form of entertainment this summer was attending a thing called a drive-in. Yes, that movie “American Graffiti” was not a nostalgic nod; it was a foreshadowing of what the […]

Analysis: China’s rise takes the world into uncharted waters

China’s Belt and Road Initiative is building ports, railways and other infrastructure across not just Asia but also Africa and elsewhere in the developing world. Less welcome is China’s growing presence in the South China Sea, where it chases away the fishing boats of its Southeast Asian neighbors and has built artificial islands to stake […]

Jim Caviezel: Freedoms Are Not Taken Away by Communists, but Given Away by Our Surrender

Caviezel cautioned against “appeasement that we as Christians [extend to] secular extremists.” He added, “That’s a war — if you want to get into one — that’s a war we should get in and must be won. We need to win that because this way of life that we have as Christians … in the […]

Exclusive: Jim Caviezel Says Mel Gibson Sent Him Third Draft of ‘Passion of the Christ’ Sequel

Actor Jim Caviezel, who portrayed Jesus in The Passion of the Christ, told Breitbart News on Thursday that he had received the third draft of a sequel to the biblical film from Mel Gibson, the films’ producer. He joined Thursday’s edition of SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily with host Alex Marlow to discuss his forthcoming film, […]

Jim Gaffigan Doubles Down After Trump Tirade, Chooses ‘Decency’ Over ‘Fame And Money’

“Look Trumpers I get it. As a kid I was a cubs fan and I know you stick by your team no matter what but he’s a traitor and a con man who doesn’t care about you,” one tweet read. “Deep down you know it. I’m sure you enjoy p****** people off but you know […]