The children’s author CANCELLED by her publisher after backing J.K. Rowling: GILLIAN PHILIP tells how she was left to fear for her young readers in a world where daring to speak your mind can spell disaster

My agent told me that HarperCollins would be issuing a public statement. Instead, it was James Noble at Working Partners who sent an email to those who had complained. As soon as I saw it, it was clear it was my views, rather than my behaviour, that had led to my dismissal.

Books of Blood Poster Reveals New Clive Barker Movie Coming to Hulu This October

This Hulu movie should serve as welcome news for horror fans. While movie theaters may be open come time for Halloween season, it probably isn’t going to be like a typical year where we can simply escape to go see a horror movie on the big screen carefree. Hulu has a solid track record in […]

Ullu’s Latest Show ‘Woodpecker’ Takes A Page Out Of Vijay Mallya’s Book

Talking about the gritty new show, Vibhu Aggarwal, CEO, says, “Woodpecker is a very thrilling and engaging show about how financial laundering in aviation industry works. Viewers can instantly relate it to Vijay Mallya’s case and also understand what can possibly take place when a scam of this magnitude is constructed. It’s exciting, thrilling and […]

‘The Institutions That Haven’t Gotten Enough Scrutiny Are White Christian Churches’: Robert P. Jones On Book ‘White Too Long: The Legacy of White Supremacy in American Christianity’

(CBS Local)– Robert P. Jones has been studying and writing about religion for decades and his new Simon & Schuster book “White Too Long: The Legacy of White Supremacy in American Christianity” will force many in and out of religious circles to reckon with the past of the United States of America. Jones is the CEO […]

Kelly Ripa & Mark Consuelos Producing ‘Mexican Gothic’ Drama Series Based On Book In The Works At Hulu

Born in Mexico and now residing in Vancouver, British Columbia, Moreno-Garcia is the best-selling author of Gods of Jade and Shadow, Certain Dark Things, Untamed Shore, and other works. Additionally, Moreno-Garcia has edited several anthologies, including the World Fantasy Award-winning, She Walks in Shadows.

Meghan Markle said she was expected to ‘serve Archie on a silver platter’ after criticism over christening, book reveals

Meghan felt like people wanted her to serve her child “on a silver platter” after Archie was born Prince Harry was “delightfully surprised” when Meghan reportedly peed in the wood on their luxury camping trip in Botswana Harry was stunned after Meghan’s estranged family gave a series of interviews criticising the duchess Meghan had to […]

The best books to read about the Royal family as Meghan Markle and Prince Harry biography Finding Freedom is released

The biography description explained: “As they move into their adult roles – whether in the form of official Royal duties or those on the front line, fighting alongside their fellow countrymen – they are both developing into a new breed of Royal, as much at home organising a pop concert or taking a gap year […]

Palace told Meghan not to wear M and H initial necklace, new book claims

The book claims: “Set to undergo the same informal training Kate had embarked upon following her engagement to William – a series of instructions that covered everything from how to most gracefully exit your chauffeured sedan while wearing a pencil skirt to when to courtesy to members of the family several rungs up the hierarchy […]

Mary Trump Book Review: In The Chaos Of Donald Trump’s Presidency, Will His Niece’s Tell-All Matter?

She even recounts a time when Donald tapped her in the 1990s to ghostwrite his next book, which was to be his comeback tale even as he was still about to go through another bankruptcy, this time of the Plaza Hotel in New York. Mary’s problem, though, was she never got Trump to actually sit […]

Book excerpt: ‘The Organ Thieves’ (Simon and Schuster, 2020)

It had been almost ten years since Wilder graduated from Howard University School of Law in Washington, DC, but he still practiced law in the long, lingering shadow of the Jim Crow South. The courtrooms, jailhouses, and white-controlled bar association were all woefully behind the times and observed strict segregation. A black Virginian had no […]