The children’s author CANCELLED by her publisher after backing J.K. Rowling: GILLIAN PHILIP tells how she was left to fear for her young readers in a world where daring to speak your mind can spell disaster

This jars with a letter I have subsequently received from Working Partners stating they were informed by the ‘primary publisher’ [HarperCollins] that they were ‘no longer able to proceed’ with books 8 and 9 of Erin Hunter’s Bravelands series with me as the author.

Delingpole: Rachel Riley Is Not a Racist – But We Shouldn’t Defend Her

I note, for example, that Riley remains a patron of the hard-left, anti-free-speech Center for Countering Digital Hate  — precisely the kind of organisation which all those rabid leftists who have been attacking her on Twitter all day absolutely adore because what it mainly does is censor, close down, and cancel non-leftists. It’s the kind […]

Away from school pressures, children who defy gender norms blossom at home

“They gave me a lot of freedom to explore my identity,” said Logan Grover, 19, who just graduated from Avalon. When Logan was coming out as non-binary and pansexual to their parents, Avalon teachers facilitated talks and provided books, to help them understand.

UPCOM-listed companies largely rely on joint ventures

Hanoi (VNS/VNA) – Some UPCOM-listed companies are enjoying stable earnings brought by joint ventures they established with foreign partners, but their core businesses remain insignificant. These joint ventures are usually foreign direct investment (FDI) projects in which State-owned enterprises contribute capital and land use rights, while foreign companies contribute money and technology. The Vietnam Engine […]