AT&T CFO John Stephens: WarnerMedia Layoffs Were “Not Because We Needed To Adjust Anything” After HBO Max Bow

“All of these groups are then focused and speak with one voice and, quite frankly, allow for some streamlining of support services and back office and G&A services,” Stephens said. “So we can take that and continue to invest that money in being able to put the best content out there. I view it as […]

John Legend named Variety’s Music Mogul of the Year as he talks political and social issues, upcoming projects, and insists wife Chrissy Teigen is ‘running her own show’

He said: ‘We are f***ing up so much stuff on the front end that the only way to clean up our mess is to use the police to contain it, and use the jails to punish and control it. What would be more moral would be to spend money on the front end to make […]

Fact check: The first Black U.S. president was not a man named “John Hansen”

The white John Hanson, described in the Facebook posts as “president before George Washington,” was the first president of the Continental Congress under the Articles of Confederation, the agreement the U.S. government operated under before the advent of the Constitution in 1781 (  here  ). A portrait of this John Hanson can be found here .  

Mark Selby retains world title after gritty victory over John Higgins

Having sportingly called for a TV replay the rules do not allow, Higgins went on to take the frame but not before Verhaas had teetered on the brink of overruling himself. Normally tasked with helping the official in the white gloves replace disturbed balls when players are put back in after a foul, his score-marker […]

John McCain Fast Facts

July 19, 2017 – Mayo Clinic doctors directly involved in the senator’s care tell CNN McCain has been diagnosed with a primary glioblastoma, a type of brain tumor. Lab results from last week’s surgery confirmed the presence of brain cancer associated with the blood clot.

Michelle Obama, AOC, John Kasich, Among Headliners at Democratic National Convention

Biden’s running mate is expected to speak on Wednesday. If the schedule serves as any hint, that would effectively take Whitmer, Warren, and Harris out of the running, as they already have speaker slots. Notably, Rep. Karen Bass (D-CA) and former national security advisor Susan Rice are not featured on the current lineup, but the […]

In absence of scribes and assistive devices, many visually impaired students couldn’t take DU online exam on day 1

Ramjastan, a BA (prog) final-year student at a south campus college and a resident of Uttar Pradesh’s Sultanpur, also could not take the exam. “I did not have the prescribed study material in accessible form to study. The college asked me to visit the campus if I needed a scribe. When other students are not […]

Back to school: 7 ways to win at online learning

For younger children, there’s Vooks, a company with a digital library of read-aloud animated children’s books. Patty Duncan, education specialist with the Portland, Oregon-based company, said each video is between three and nine minutes long. Narrators include Kate Winslet, Meryl Streep, James Earl Jones and more.

Boutir Launches “Your online store solution from a mobile phone” New TV Ad Campaign

Boutir is anchored on four core values: Simple, Mobile, Social and Data. Earlier this year, Boutir became a Facebook Preferred Partner for Commerce and a Google Partner for AdWords in Hong Kong, and it was the first vendor in the region with a mobile app launching an online store. In June, Boutir’s In-App Ad Buying […]

Embattled retailer KlearGear fights back against online review defeat

After we first learned on this dispute on the 22/04/14 via an e-mail from Aubrey Broome at Hoole & King, we have requested more information. No information has ever been provided. Mr. Palmer’s attorney, Scott Michelman of Public Citizen Litigation Group, has since learned that DBS [Descoteaux Boutiques] was never properly served under the Hague […]