America’s Got Talent: Simon Cowell gives WAFFLE Crew dancers ‘little head start’ with Golden Buzzer

Each of the judges then pulled a sword out of his throat, with Sofia saying as she sat down, ‘That was super fun, and I loved it. I would love to watch you do that again without me up there.’

Boris Johnson ‘to start phasing Huawei out of UK’s 5G network by end of year after spooks say firm can’t be trusted’

A Huawei spokesman told the Telegraph: “Huawei is the most scrutinised vendor in the world and we firmly believe our unrivalled transparency in the UK means we can continue to be trusted to play a part in Britain’s gigabit upgrade.

Bolivia in danger of squandering its head start over coronavirus

“It’s like having taken a preventative pill against this infection,” said Jorge Soliz, a professor at Laval University, Quebec, and co-author of a recent study. “High-altitude regions in Bolivia are 10 times more protected than the regions located closer to sea level,” Soliz argued, pointing to 1,900 cases to date in La Paz compared with […]

Safety chief warns workers won’t ‘blindly obey’ Boris Johnson’s calls for a return to the office as City’s biggest firms only plan to bring maximum of 50% of staff back so they don’t break social distancing rules

Mr Johnson said: ’What I want to see is people, who have been working from home for a long time, now talking to their employers, talking to their places of work, about the steps that have been taken and looking to come back to work in a safe way. 

Letter signed by 1,500 paediatricians demands Boris Johnson publish a clear plan for getting children back to school before generation of pupils are left ‘scarred for life’

MPs on the committee, held on Zoom, reacted with fury to her comments.  Tory MP Jonathan Gullis, a former teacher, said he was ‘outraged’ with the unions and said: ‘I’ve never been so frustrated in my entire life as sitting in this committee, listening to what’s being said’ and accused the NEU of ‘running a political campaign […]

Empty offices are killing our town centres, warns Boris Johnson: PM orders British workers to return to their desks to help save the economy as homeworking wreaks havoc on nation’s finances

Behavioural scientists warned trying to reintroduce lockdown rules after lifting them ‘might evoke various responses’ because people disagree over whether they’re necessary; Many people ‘lack a basic understanding of Covid-19’ and only 65 per cent can identify the main symptoms, researchers said. They added that people are ‘c onfused by rapidly changing government guidance and […]

Marcus Rashford says Boris Johnson THANKED him for speaking up for the underprivileged after the Man United star’s free school meals campaign forced the government to act

Lineker also praised Rashford, saying: ‘When you look at it, though, he’s a 22 year old footballer. He shouldn’t be the one having to do this. But the fact that he is, is important. It’s impressive. He’s a very fine young man, and he’s a credit to his sport and his family.’

Anti-obesity campaigners say Boris Johnson’s plan to ban junk food deals in anti-obesity drive ‘defies belief’ as it comes just DAYS after Rishi Sunak’s ‘Eat Out’ scheme that lets the whole country gorge on unlimited cut-price meals

He said: ‘It defies belief that, within just 24 hours, Downing St has both given permission for restaurants to profit from selling junk meals yet announce that supermarkets will be banned from including junk food in BOGOF promotion deals.’

Boris Johnson confirms his race equality commission will also look at issues faced by working class white boys as Labour’s David Lammy accuses PM of wanting a ‘culture war’

Mr Hutchinson, who lists himself as a qualified personal trainer and UK athletics coach and who links to Hercules Wimbledon Athletics Club and ARK security on his Instagram page, attached four pictures to the social media post, including one of him carrying the man and a selfie of him with a friend. 

Boris Johnson will reveal lockdown exit plan on Thursday amid fears ‘coronaphobia’ will sabotage recovery: Poll finds Brits are nervous about going out as advisers admit ‘stay at home’ message has been ‘too successful’

The virus cannot survive if the reproduction rate – known as the R number – remains below one. Some countries that have lifted their locdowns are seeing the R number increas.  Restrictions in Germany were relaxed after the infection rate fell under 1.0 – meaning each person is infecting less than one other – as […]