Epic Games sues Apple, Google over the removal of Fortnite from their respective app stores

Epic’s complaint against Google reads; “Epic does not seek monetary compensation from this Court for the injuries it has suffered. Epic likewise does not seek a side deal or favourable treatment from Google for itself. Instead, Epic seeks injunctive relief that would deliver Google’s broken promise: an open, competitive Android ecosystem for all users and […]

Annapolis Boaters Launch App To Connect Boat Owners, Mechanics

Two Annapolis boaters created a phone application to connect boat owners and service providers. The app, called FirstMate Services, allows boaters in need of maintenance to gather quotes, track job progress and pay service providers, all on the same platform.

Jackass star Steve-O duct tapes himself to a BILLBOARD in LA to promote new comedy special… and is forced down by firefighters after he gets reported on crime alert app Citizen

‘I’m happy to just hang out, and really want the world to know about this project I worked so hard on. It’s called Gnarly and, If you’re over 18, check it out at steveo.com! Thanks!’

Epic Games wins support from Fortnite gamers, firms on Apple standoff

Fortnite creator Epic Games found support from its legions of gamers, Tinder-owner Match Group and Spotify for suing Apple and Google after the tech giants dropped the popular video game from their app stores for violating payment guidelines. Epic Games started a social media campaign against the iPhone maker by releasing a parody of Apple’s […]

Silver Fern Ameliaranne Ekenasio speaks out about social injustices, race and sporting taboos

During the horrible time just before Christmas 2015 when Ekenasio was preparing to say goodbye to her mum, something special also happened. On a brief trip back to New Zealand to take part in a Silver Ferns camp and pack up her flat in Wellington, she met husband Damien – at that time a basketball […]

US PGA Championship: Collin Morikawa’s stunning finish evokes memories of Tiger Woods

“And for me it doesn’t stop here. I’ve got a very good taste of what this is like, what a major championship is like. I know we all had to have some type of adjustment not having fans, and when fans do start coming back it’s going to be an -adjustment, but I love it.

Twitter’s massive attack: What we know after Apple, Biden, Obama, Musk, and others tweeted a bitcoin scam

The company took the unprecedented measure of preventing verified accounts from tweeting at all starting sometime around 6PM ET. This would seem to be the first time Twitter has ever done this in the company’s history. Twitter updated its stance on limiting tweets at 7:18PM ET, writing, “We’re continuing to limit the ability to Tweet, […]

Google now forces Android phone makers to advertise Google services support

Because the previous version of the agreement between Xiaomi and its partners has expired, Xiaomi becomes the first batch of contracted manufacturers of the new version of the cooperation agreement, and is also the first manufacturer to release new products after it becomes effective.

Apple spoils hacker’s ‘tool’ to unlock any iPhone with iOS 13.5.1 update

Apple has released the iOS 13.5.1 update and the company is suggesting all iPhone users to immediately download and install the update which fixes a crucial security flaw. Last week, a well-known team of hackers who goes by the name “unc0ver” had released a new “jailbreak tool” that claimed to unlock any iPhone running iOS […]

Epic Games claims Google forced OnePlus to renege on a Fortnite launcher deal

In regard to LG, Epic’s complaint alleged, “LG, told Epic that its contract with Google did not allow it to enable the direct distribution of apps and that the OEM could not offer any functionality that would install and update Epic games except through the Google Play Store.”