Garth Brooks, Museum Exhibit Honor Keith Whitley’s Legacy: ‘There’s a Name Missing’ in Hall of Fame

“I wish he could have seen this,” she said. “He would be so blown away. He’d be like, ‘Aw, they ain’t gonna sing my songs!’ He never dreamed this would happen to him. He never knew he was as great as he was.”

UK considers use of tracing app in battle

Should an app user start to feel unwell, they could request a home test, and if the result is positive, at the touch of a button everyone who has come into contact with them in recent days could be informed of the news, saving huge amounts of time in getting the information circulated.

Smog alert: ‘very high’ air pollution levels spread across England

David Cameron dismissed the smog as a natural event. In his BBC Breakfast interview the prime minister said: The advice I would give to people is listen very carefully to what the Met Office is saying about the weather. Public Health England’s website, you can look at that. Or just go to, which is […]

Air pollution: youngsters, elderly and vulnerable urged to stay indoors

Eight-year-old George Stewart had an asthma attack during his half-mile walk to school in Eltham, south-east London, on Wednesday morning. His mother, Leanne, said: “It’s usually quite an easy walk but I’m still breathless now. I could feel my chest getting tighter and tighter, and my son had to stop and have his inhaler I […]

Pupils should stay indoors at lunch to avoid smog, says UK government adviser

“But we can’t do this forever, and in London we face the much wider problem of poor air quality every day. The Saharan dust will pass, but London will continue to fail its citizens on air quality. Children’s developing lungs are at particular risk, both long- and short-term.

The great diesel scandal: how cheap fuel is choking our cities

While politicians stall, the automotive industry insists it is cleaning up its act, without the need for new taxes or regulations. “The automotive industry has committed billions of pounds in recent years to reduce and eliminate emissions from all engines types: it takes 100 cars produced today to emit as many polluting elements as one […]

Brad Pitt had the idea to take off both shirts at once for iconic Once Upon A Time… In Hollywood scene says Quentin Tarantino but in real life the star is ‘shy’

And Quentin Tarantino claims that the leading man, now 56, still knows ‘exactly what time it is’ when it comes to his considerable sex appeal, after directing Brad all the way to a Best Supporting Actor Oscar last year in his opus Once Upon A Time… In Hollywood.

Method Man Uncensored: ‘Don’t Sh*t on Somebody’s Legacy’

Wu-Tang was embraced on the West Coast, but yeah, I did. That’s true. Right place, right time. I think I’m approachable. I don’t think I have that kind of face where it’s like, I’m gonna fuck you up if you approach me the wrong way, but then again I have that face where I’m like, […]

Brits Warned to Keep Flashlight Handy in Case of Coronavirus Power-Out

Aware of the strain being put on Britons during the quarantine, the UK’s main internet providers have agreed to remove data caps for their fixed-line customers for the duration of the crisis, whilst Vodaphone has automatically upgraded 500,000 of their vulnerable customers to free, unlimited mobile data to keep people connected.

Cheap Trick: ‘We got asked to play for the Republicans – we would have got swastika guitars made’

Two days before the ceremony, at a chic, old-money hotel in Manhattan, Nielsen, Zander and Petersson are displaying that perversity. They are accompanied not by Carlos, but by Nielsen’s son Daxx. Though Carlos remains an official member of the group, a quarter-owner of its name, he does not tour or record with them. Nielsen Jr […]