With primary concession, Holley wins Democratic Lt Gov nod

Van Duyn’s decision means only one sizable runoff election is likely to occur May 12. In the far-western 11th Congressional District primary, second-place candidate Madison Cawthorn has requested a runoff against primary leader Lynda Bennett, the State Board of Elections said. The ultimate winner will take on Democrat Moe Davis and Green and Libertarian party […]

Bolivia’s jailed former ‘minister for cocaine’ dies at 82

LA PAZ (Reuters) – A former Bolivian interior minister known as “Minister for Cocaine” for his role in turning the impoverished nation into a narco-state during a military dictatorship in the 1980s has died after decades in prison, local media said on Tuesday, citing a Bolivian government minister.

Decision time: quarantine spells dilemma for domestic workers in Latin America

“I would follow the quarantine order but then what will we live off?” the 52-year-old told Reuters as he waited to board his bus last Thursday morning. He said he supports two children, a granddaughter, and his wife on his $200 minimum wage salary.

U.S. businesses swarm coronavirus bailout fund after days of confusion

The loan program, part of a $2 trillion economic rescue package, is aimed at businesses with fewer than 500 employees, a segment that contributes more than 40% of U.S. GDP and employs some 60 million people. The pandemic has prompted a majority of U.S. states to order non-essential businesses closed and residents sequestered at home […]

Pro-Trump Super PAC Files FEC Complaint Alleging Bloomberg’s $18 Million DNC Donation Was Illegal

Bloomberg’s $18 million donation to the Democratic National Committee is an attempt to circumvent contribution limits and violate campaign finance laws, Great America PAC said in the March 26 complaint. The FEC is reviewing the complaint and will determine later if it will investigate.

Retro: Hoe Lauda een glorieuze comeback maakte in de Formule 1

Winst is winst. En al helemaal in dit geval. Lauda heeft alle criticasters de mond gesnoerd. En daar ging het om. Te beginnen met Philip Morris. Het mag dan ook geen verrassing heten: rap na deze zegetocht is het bedrijf om en gaat de opzet met tijdelijke contracten in de prullenbak. Lauda krijgt een contract voor […]

Verstappen schrijft online racecompetitie op zijn naam

De afgelopen twee weken namen meer dan veertig professionele coureurs het tegen elkaar op in Real Racers Never Quit, een initiatief van online raceformatie Team Redline om coureurs ook in deze tijden van corona competitief bezig te kunnen laten zijn. Zij trokken met verschillende auto’s en op verschillende circuits ten strijde. Op vrijdagavond was de […]

Coronavirus In Sacramento: Bethany Slavic Missionary Church At Center Of Local Outbreak

One person has died and the pastor is sick. Sacramento health leaders say the department has made several attempts to talk to church leaders, including phone calls and in-person, but have been unsuccessful in getting them to change their routine.

Outgoing man, 34, in coronavirus self-isolation kills himself after being ‘pushed over edge’ by loneliness, say family

Chelsea added: “Daniel was loved and adored by so many people and it is unfortunate that at this time due to Covid-19 that only a few of us will be able to attend the funeral.”