Class or cash? G League President and former NBA star Shareef Abdur-Rahim is luring top recruits to the pros with six-figure deals – and challenging the NCAA’s grip on basketball’s talent pool

‘[Coached] against Kobe when he was in high school. He just needed to get a little bit stronger… So I can see [why some try players want to turn pro]. I just don’t know if I see it for every kid who has someone telling him, as a 17- or 18-year-old, that he is Moses […]

EXCLUSIVE: Smirking at the law: Stephen Lawrence murder suspect Luke Knight saunters barefoot outside his parents’ house the day after Met shelve case – as victim’s brother begs people to ‘be brave’ and turn in his killers

‘In my mind that’s the only way we’re going to have true justice, if someone is brave enough to come forward and talk about what happened that fateful night and give us some closure, that’s what we want as a family.

Kamala Harris is tough, proven fighter for middle class: Biden

“She was a pioneer in marriage equality and tackled the gun lobby. You know, we’ve all watched her in the United States Senate go toe to toe with Trump officials trying to hide the truth, asking the tough questions that needed to be asked and not stopping until she got an answer. And when none […]

Richard Fowler: Biden-Harris will appeal to emerging electorate, opening American Dream to all

I did not support Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., when she campaigned for the Democratic presidential nomination last year, nor was she my first choice for a running mate for presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. But after seeing the pair together Wednesday at their first campaign event, I have to conclude she is the best […]

Sonoma County supervisors send law enforcement oversight measure to voters; deputies union pushes back

The Sonoma County Deputy Sheriff’s Association filed a formal complaint with the county, saying the board’s Aug. 6 decision failed to follow basic meet-and-confer negotiation processes before placing the measure on the ballot. The conflict comes as cities and counties across the country look to revise police funding and policies on use of force, body […]

Proposed bill would ban realistic toy guns

“I don’t want to say that my legislation would have prevented Andy’s death, but it could put people in a better situation to help prevent it,” de León said in an interview before Friday’s news conference. “What I do know is Andy Lopez will not be the last one seriously injured or killed” while carrying […]

‘Big Brother’ Installs Bidets in Bathroom for Muslim House Guest

FYI … Islam teaches the body’s condition affects the spirit’s condition, so it’s essential to be clean all the time — especially before praying. This is why bidets and lotas, a round pot filled with water, are common in Muslim countries … impeccable hygiene is a must.

Taika Waititi Trolls Chris Hemsworth on His Birthday with Hilarious Mix-Up Tweet

RELATED: Thor: Ragnarok Is Hiding a Clever What We Do in the Shadows Easter Egg Most Thor: Ragnarok enjoyed Taika Waititi’s joke, but there are more than a few who think that the director was serious and used a wrong image on accident. Whatever the case may be, those who understand Waititi’s sense of humor […]

Widow’s joy as she gives birth to IVF twins conceived with her husband’s sperm THREE YEARS after he died of throat cancer

Guidelines from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) recommends that IVF should be offered on the NHS to women under 43 who have been trying to conceive through regular unprotected sex for two years.

Charlie’s European predictions: Man City look to reach last four of Champions League

Memphis Depay is now a real player and will love this scenario. He was too self-indulgent at United and that is how he sees himself. He is a star player, but at Lyon you see it a lot more than at United, and for that reason he is a dangerous prospect for the City defence.