Class or cash? G League President and former NBA star Shareef Abdur-Rahim is luring top recruits to the pros with six-figure deals – and challenging the NCAA’s grip on basketball’s talent pool

‘To give [the Professional Pathway Program] its due, I think it’s a much better alternative than kids going to Australia or going to China or going to Europe and then dealing with all kinds of issues with language and socialization. I think this is a better alternative than those things, but I still think for […]

The ‘Boys State’ Teens Voted for Texas to Secede. Now They’re Our Political Future.

Like many filmmakers, McBaine and Moss were left scratching their heads after the 2016 election, wondering what had led the country to a political paralysis of seemingly intractable division—but also how to tell that story. The discovery of Boys State, particularly in the context of the Texas secession headlines, offered an access point into that […]

Hit So Hard; Jason Becker: Not Dead Yet – review

These complementary American documentaries centre on west coast rock musicians, a female drummer and a male guitarist, who were expected to go to early graves. By some way the more attractive of the two, the likable, sweet-natured Jason Becker, was a musical prodigy and a guitar virtuoso from the impoverished city of Richmond in the […]

From slappers to Hedda Gabler: the irresistible rise of Sheridan Smith

Free of the long-term commitments of Legally Blonde, Smith’s range has expanded exponentially. In quick succession, she appeared in six television dramas, four films and two plays. Not all of them were heart-breaking works of shattering genius, though typically Smith was the best thing in them. In the film Tower Block, for instance, she was, […]

How “cancel culture” changed these three lives forever

“I looked at my life insurance policy. It was a million-dollar life insurance policy. It had no exclusions for suicide and I started contemplating that for a few weeks. Then, even started to have exactly where and how I was going to do it, to try to make it look like an accident. Try to […]

Sonoma County supervisors send law enforcement oversight measure to voters; deputies union pushes back

“We are in support of efforts to increase the public’s confidence in the Sheriff’s Office and the law enforcement services it provides,” sheriff’s association President Mike Vail said in a statement Monday. “However, it takes both parties’ willingness to communicate for a workable partnership and make this mutually-desirable goal a reality. We were never given […]

Proposed bill would ban realistic toy guns

“I don’t want to say that my legislation would have prevented Andy’s death, but it could put people in a better situation to help prevent it,” de León said in an interview before Friday’s news conference. “What I do know is Andy Lopez will not be the last one seriously injured or killed” while carrying […]

‘Big Brother’ Installs Bidets in Bathroom for Muslim House Guest

FYI … Islam teaches the body’s condition affects the spirit’s condition, so it’s essential to be clean all the time — especially before praying. This is why bidets and lotas, a round pot filled with water, are common in Muslim countries … impeccable hygiene is a must.

Taika Waititi Trolls Chris Hemsworth on His Birthday with Hilarious Mix-Up Tweet

Chris Hemsworth celebrated his 37th birthday yesterday, August 11th, and many friends and family members have been wishing him well online. Fellow Avengers Mark Ruffalo shared some behind-the-scenes images from the set of Avengers: Endgame to celebrate Hemsworth’s birthday. However, Taika Waititi took a different approach. The director gushes, “Happy Birthday to my reason for […]

EXCLUSIVE: Smirking at the law: Stephen Lawrence murder suspect Luke Knight saunters barefoot outside his parents’ house the day after Met shelve case – as victim’s brother begs people to ‘be brave’ and turn in his killers

‘In my mind that’s the only way we’re going to have true justice, if someone is brave enough to come forward and talk about what happened that fateful night and give us some closure, that’s what we want as a family.