Dr. Bronner’s Donates $1 Million to Oregon Psychedelic Mushroom Legalization Efforts

Dr. Bronner’s was founded in 1948 by David Bronner’s grandfather, Dr. Emanuel Bronner. The company is known for the soap’s versatility (it can be used on everything from your face to your floors to your pets) and the essay-long screeds on the product’s bottles about morals, unity, and the benefits of soap.

Amitabh Bachchan shuts down troll who asked why he doesn’t donate, lists his every charitable effort: ‘I weep as I put this out’

In recent weeks, the actor has been responding to those criticising him on social media regularly. He recently responded to a woman on Facebook who accused him of “advertising” for the hospital where he was admitted for Covid-19 treatment and said that she had “totally lost respect” for him. He also hit back at a […]

Giants’ Kevin Gausman brings electricity to mound but loses at Coors as bats go cold

Kapler vainly tried to get the umpires to give Duggar a triple, which would have boosted the Giants chances of getting him home to tie the game. Instead, Duggar was stranded, the Giants did not score again and Gausman took a loss that had just one consolation.

The masked duchess! Kate Middleton is seen wearing a face protector for the first time as she helps unpack donations at a baby bank in Sheffield in £15 cotton covering from Amaia

Kate then asked: ‘Do you feel there is a judgement around being able to put on a facade and pretend that everything is going great? Is it places like this that are needed in communities where parents don’t feel judged and mums can go and be honest and feel like they are being listened to?’.

JSW Steel expects to be a 50-million-ton company by 2030: Seshagiri Rao

We have seen two takeovers because of IBC.You have acquired one large asset, the Tatas have acquired one large asset which means more than greenfield, big players have updated existing capacities. Do you think for the next two to three years there is enough capacity in the country and large players like JSW Steel may […]

WHO warns that millions more could die in a coronavirus second wave if pandemic picks ups again with cooler temperatures in September

King’s College London ‘s COVID Symptom Tracker app estimates that just 2,341 Britons are being struck down with the coronavirus every day. Last week they used this data to estimate that there were 3,612 people catching the virus every day in Britain and roughly 4,942 people the week before that. The figure was higher than 11,000 […]

India’s coronavirus cases surge past half a million with another record jump of 18,552 infections and 384 new deaths in 24 hours

‘One of our residents lost his life just because he couldn’t get a bed in time. Then we thought we should do something at our level,’ said Lokesh Munjal, the head of a west Delhi housing society.

No 10’s ‘inexplicable’ decision to lift quarantine at height of pandemic: MPs’ damning report condemns ‘serious mistake’ that allowed 10,000 infected people into the UK

The report goes on: ‘Evidence shows it is highly likely uncontrolled importations of the virus from European countries contributed to the rapid increase in the spread in mid-March. The failure to properly consider stricter requirements on those arriving was a serious error.’

Hero rolls out 150 million cycles

Hero Cycles on Wednesday has announced that it has crossed 150 million production milestone, since its operation began in 1956.As the company claims, it has produced 167.35 units of bicycles so far, with 150.9 million units coming from its Ludhiana plant.With this achievement, Hero Cycles is now preparing to boost its manufacturing capacity to 10 […]

Disney’s streaming portfolio now has more than 100 million paid subscribers

The service got off to a hot start out of the gate, attracting some 10 million subscribers on its first day after launch last November. By the end of the year, Disney had attracted more than 25 million subscribers and hit the 50 million subscriber milestone after just five months.