George Hill, after unhappy season, leading depleted Pacers in playoff push

At this point, it’s probably worth taking a step back and remembering Hill was hardly a bad player before this season – even in a limited role. He defended well, hit spot-up shots, kept the ball moving and, perhaps most importantly, kept turnovers down. He started for a team that won 105 games and four […]

Allen Iverson Says LeBron James Is ‘The One’ Over Michael Jordan

Allen talked about all his favorite musicians … before eventually saying, “I love what’s the best, man. You dig what I’m saying? … I’m not going to fight what’s the best. I’m not going to fight.”

NBA Power Rankings: Toronto looks like best team in bubble so far

 11. Trail Blazers (31-38, 2-1, LW 13). Jusuf Nurkic is back and his passing and screen setting has helped spark the Portland offense to be one of the best in the bubble — but he hasn’t helped the Blazer defense much. That’s a concern, but the Blazers are now within 1.5 games of Memphis and […]

My chilling journey into dark minds of stalkers who followed girl for 400 miles and brainwashed lad into murder plot

“All those rageful feelings… ‘How dare she? She’s mine. … She’s supposed to stay innocent for me.’ That gets… converted into a plan of cold-blooded revenge,” Dr. Kris Mohandie, a clinical police and forensic psychologist, later told ABC News.