Report: Kevin Durant to sign 1+1 contract for less than max with Warriors

The question was whether Durant would sign a 1+1 or long-term deal. Because annual raises are based on first-year salary, a long-term contract this summer would have locked him into a lower salary for years – but provided security. A 1+1 will allow Durant to opt out next summer and re-sign for his max, meaning […]

AP source: Kevin Durant declines to opt into contract. As expected.

By going this route, the NBA Finals MVP provides the franchise with financial flexibility to try to bring back other key free agents, such as Andre Iguodala and Shaun Livingston. Durant had a deadline of Thursday to make his decision.

Glee star Kevin McHale thought boyfriend had coronavirus but he had given him salmonella

Confessing to his followers on Twitter, Kevin wrote: “But have you undercooked chicken sausage (unintentionally) and then served it to your bf and then he got superrrrr sick and you thought it was covid and you got tested twice but nah you just fed him salmonella?’

Kevin Hart comes to Ellen DeGeneres’ rescue, says she helped his family through hardship

“I’ve known Ellen for years and I can honestly say that she’s one of the dopest people on the f–king planet. She has treated my family and my team with love and respect from day one. The Internet has become a crazy world of negativity we are falling in love with people downfall. It’s honestly […]

Guy Benson knocks Trump over ‘terrible’ interview, says president ‘woefully underprepared’ for criticism

“Ghislaine Maxwell is accused of repeated sexual assault and serial trafficking of underage girls …” Benson wrote. ”[I]t’s mystifying that the president can’t just repeat some boilerplate about being disturbed by the allegations and hoping that justice is served. Instead, he seems more defensive of Maxwell than he is of any number of people he’s personally […]

Interview: Chinese Nobel laureate Mo Yan strives for evergreen writing creativity

From the perspective of literature and arts, Mo said a writer or an artist, who becomes mature, rigidified and unchanged at an early age, presages an end of creation, while being a late bloomer means having a spirit that always pursues innovation and transformation.

Rose Marie’s last phone interview: ‘Dick Van Dyke Show’ star shares unbelievable stories of mobsters, superstars and a life well lived

“Mary was very, very busy becoming a star. Even the first day we were at rehearsal. She said, ‘I’m going to have my own show.’ I would say, ‘Why don’t you wait until we do this one first?’ But Mary, she was very much a go-getter. She learned an awful lot from all of us. […]

Ellen DeGeneres’ most excruciating interviews – from Kanye rant to Dakota Johnson feud

She told the host: “Every time I come up here you make me feel so bad about myself by putting a different dude up there on the screen and it really makes me question what I stand for as a human being.”

Axios reporter Jonathan Swan apoligizes for mail-in voting claim made during Trump interview

Swan’s interview with the president generated many headlines from his thoughts on the late-congressman John Lewis to his defense of the administration’s response to the coronavirus pandemic. One of the fiery exchanges from the sitdown was about mail-in voting, something the president has been outspokenly opposed about in recent weeks.

Trump Calls Recent Coronavirus Spikes ‘Burning Embers’ As US Tops 140,000 Deaths

Nearly half of new cases belong to Marylanders in their 20s and 30s, and the positivity rate for Marylanders under 35 is over 85% higher than Marylanders 35 and older. We are urging younger Marylanders to take these statistics seriously: this pandemic is by no means behind us.