Key workers and public services need more support, say UK unions

“If the government doesn’t act, we face a tsunami of job losses. So my message to the chancellor is this: we worked together once before. We are ready to work with you again – if you are serious about stopping the catastrophe of mass unemployment.

UK workers’ wages fell 1% a year between 2008 and 2015, TUC says

The survey for the government found that fewer than a third of workers knew they should be paid for travel time between appointments, while only 42% knew that staff had to be paid for time spent undergoing security checks. Sports Direct and Argos are among the firms that have admitted not paying staff for time […]

We Need to Hear More Stories From Domestic Abuse Workers on the Frontline, Professor Says

Professor Atakav: The pandemic has been regarded as having a huge impact on domestic abuse victims and survivors, you know, not only just victims but also survivors. In fact, people have been calling domestic abuse in the UK as a shadow pandemic. With the lockdown in particular, the increase in the calls to the help lines […]

Hollywood Celebrities Urge People to Become Poll Workers: ‘Voter Suppression Is a Very Real Problem. You Can Change That!’

Don’t let your local polling places close! If you’re over 16, you are able to be a poll worker this November. Sign up today at and don’t forget to spread the word❤️ #PollHero

Dharmendra Pradhan writes to railway minister, seeks Shramik trains to ferry migrant workers from Odisha

“Many of these trains are running in reverse direction of the Shramik Special trains. So, they are leaving their homes and going towards their workplaces. The occupancy of 12 trains is very less among the 230 trains, so we are running them, but will reduce the number of coaches. We are monitoring the occupancy of […]

Our lost coronavirus heroes – the faces of fallen frontline NHS and care workers

Remigio Cabansag, Donna Campbell, Lourdes Campbell, Jenelyn Carter, Sue Cairns, Elma Cavalida, Philomena Cherian, Abdul Mabud Chowdhury, Linda Clarke, Andy Collier, Glen Corbin, Andy Costa, Lynsay Coventry, Patricia Crowhurst, Linnette Cruz, Angie Cunningham.

Coronavirus: Young people and home workers scapegoated, says TUC boss

‘Moral injustice’With millions on furlough or working from home, Ms O’Grady said, the coronavirus crisis had created a “new working class suddenly, who have been working right through this crisis, often in jobs more exposed to the virus, from refuse collectors to social care workers”.

Buy American? Let’s Buy a Future for American Workers | Opinion

As a health provider and major employer, TriHealth understood the social, economic and health benefits associated with good jobs in their community. Job quality was by no means the company’s only consideration. Nonetheless, the company with the top job quality score won the contract. In debriefing the competitors, two questions were paramount. Would future RFPs […]

Special force to guard Chinese workers at Gwadar

Pakistan has set up a special Marine Battalion to provide security to Chinese workers and experts at Gwadar deep seaport after start of work on $46 billion economic corridor project, an official said on Tuesday.

Late referrals, lack of insurance key concerns for pvt hospitals treating Covid-19 patients

The health ministry said that no Covid-19 patient must be denied admission and the treatment must be affordable and accessible to ensure that the mortality rate of the infection can be brought to below 1%. The ministry stressed the importance of timely treatment in co-morbid patients to reduce fatality. Hospitals were also asked to protect […]