The evolution of Extinction Rebellion

The UK general election, which took place a couple of months later, was another flashpoint within XR. The Labour party offered a raft of policies to rapidly decarbonise the economy and invest in sustainable, well-paid, unionised jobs: its so-called green industrial revolution. For many people concerned about the climate crisis, this was a cause worth […]

The Walking Dead boss warns that Carol and Daryl face ‘long road to recovery’ in season 11 after bitter betrayal

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Anas Bukhash: Confronting taboos in the Gulf

Every Tuesday night Bukhash spends around an hour digging deep into socially critical topics in English and Arabic. In the chair opposite: well-known figures, often from the UAE but also further afield. “I always wanted to talk to achievers, celebrities, influencers, athletes, because a lot of people are curious about them. People see one side […]