PS5 stock: When and where to buy the PlayStation 5 on Cyber Monday

To add some festive cheer, and give us all more of what we love, the Colonel has a special gift for the nation: behold KFC’s new Gravy Burger Box Meal, featuring a fillet burger with added gravy! There’s also a new gravy boat to add lashings of legendary KFC gravy to your chicken burger, topped […]

Donald Trump Isn’t Hitler—He’s Like Goebbels

In theory this kind of appeal should have been less persuasive with the country’s elites. And yet, as Ralf Georg Reuth writes in his masterly biography of Goebbels, “At German universities, too, few voices of protest were heard. Many university professors saw in national socialism the ‘Volk community’ and ‘organic leadership’ about which they had […]

Advent-turous Gift Guide: 28 Unexpected Christmas Calendars to Crack Open Right Now

For Dwight Schrute Devotees If your love for the hit workplace mockumentary is only overshadowed by Billie Eilish’s, run don’t walk to order The Office-ally licensed 12 Days of Socks box. It has eight ankle pairs and four crew ones. All 12 feature title and Dunder Mifflin logos, show quotes, and recurring jokes and come […]