Campaigners say ‘common sense has prevailed’ as High Court rules children under 16 are unlikely to be able to give ‘informed consent’ to take puberty blockers

‘Taking a different position from courts in other commonwealth countries, today’s judgment is likely to reduce the number of children receiving care through the NHS. While some will celebrate the decision as a victory for child protection, others may ask whether child welfare is really served by creating additional obstacles to much-needed care.’

Heartbreaking moment son, 12, asks his father if he will inherit the rare illness which could lead him to be locked-in his body – after filmmaker admitted he had never spoken to his family about the disease

Meanwhile he ‘never’ spoke about the condition with his close family, explaining: ‘It’s easier to not talk to them. But slowly on this kind of thing, your worry and everyone else’s worry just grows and grows and grows.’

Why can’t old city become new city, asks Bandi

The BJP leader claimed that his charge of illegal stay of Rohingya was proved right with the police admitting to filing of 80 cases and it was a fact the Home Minister himself had opened 108 shelters for them. “If we get a majority in GHMC we will give a free hand for the police […]