The 25 best Christmas movies on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney Plus

Why it’s worth a watch: Rise of the Guardians was a box office bomb that’s now slowly being reappreciated by audiences. It’s an animated children’s film that relies on a series breakneck action setpieces, to the point that it becomes instantly reminiscent of your average comic book film. Call it “Baby’s first Marvel movie”, if […]

Civic bodies in Thane district get ready to store vaccine

Manish Renge, District Health Officer, Thane District, said, “We have prepared a strategy for immunisation, a list of 55,000 health workers from across the district has been made till now. We have prepared vaccinators conducting routine immunisation for the Covid vaccine as well. If needed, we shall rope in more people and train them as […]

German retail shops in red as coronavirus pandemic drags on

‘This coronavirus year’  Business like Runge’s were permitted to reopen in June. But, with fewer tourists in town, sales are down. She said she would apply for additional financial assistance from the state. “I will have to transfer that money instantly to my landlord,” Runge said. She is angry that the financial fallout of the […]

Kaduna Marathon: Spots and business

For the Kaduna state government, the Kaduna Marathon, is not all about races, hence the aggressive marketing of its several tourism sites and events, like the famous  Zazzau Durbar, Tuk- Ham celebration, the Matsirga Falls etc, all in a bid to empower the people, who are at the very heart  of  the El-Rufai government policies. […]

I made a friend for life after we walked & laughed in park together – here’s how YOU can help

“The girls began to write about what they had been up to in lockdown and what they had done, to hopefully brighten up the day of the elderly residents. The Guides are aged between ten and 15 so lockdown was tough for them and they told them they were doing more jigsaws and bike rides.

Student, scientist, baker: Meet Gitanjali Rao, Time’s first-ever ‘Kid of the Year’

6. She was featured in the web series Marvel’s Hero Project as Genius Gitanjali for her valuable contributions to society. “I think that being a scientist is like being a superhero, because superheroes save people, and want to do what is best for their society – scientists do the same exact thing,” she had earlier […]

The best walking shoes to buy in 2020

Best comfort: Akk Women’s Walking Tennis Shoes Walking all day can take a toll on your feet without the right shoes. That’s why you have to consider a walking shoe that you can wear for the whole day. Akk’s Walking Tennis Shoes include a soft padded collar so that your feet won’t grind uncomfortably. The […]