Korean Air flight attendant diagnosed with coronavirus may have serviced trips between Seoul and Los Angeles last week

A worker from the Korea Pest Control Association sprays disinfectant as part of preventive measures against the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus, at the National Assembly in Seoul, South Korea, on February 25, 2020, as the outbreak worsens in the country

From The Great Escape to Sholay: what makes a film a national favourite?

La Grande Vadrouille (France) Gérard Oury’s 1966 wartime comedy was France’s undisputed domestic box-office champ for more than 40 years until 2008. Reminiscent of ’Allo ’Allo!, it paired up comedy institution Louis de Funès and the singer Bourvil as plucky Parisians helping out a squadron of stranded British airmen, led by none other than Terry-Thomas. […]

Gwyneth Paltrow Shows Fans How to Make ‘Vegetarian Paella’ on Instagram Cooking Show

Paltrow recently shared a photo of herself wearing a full face mask and gloves, along with sunglasses, a maxi dress and running sneakers as she held two grocery bags. The mom of two shared that she and Falchuck, 49, were “grateful to learn our local farmers market was open this morning” and that the two […]

Gwyneth Paltrow Wears Gloves and Face Mask to Local Farmers’ Market: ‘We Must Take This Seriously’

“It’s time for nesting, reading, cleaning out closets, doing something you’ve always wanted to do (write a book, learn an instrument or a language or learn to code online, draw or paint) going through photos, cooking, and reconnecting on a deeper level with the people you love,” she said.

Grounds for new hope to unfreeze FDI process

In an effort to support businesses in times of difficulty, the Vietnamese government in early March issued Directive No.11/CT-TTg on urgent tasks and solutions to help enterprises affected by the pandemic. The government is planning to issue incentives in the form of tax breaks as well as delayed tax payments and land-use fees. Thus far, […]

Dak Nong raises awareness about Covid-19 among ethnic groups

Thuan An Border Gate also helps hang banners about preventive measures against the outbreak in two languages at large gathering places. Many people said they had known more to protect themselves such as using face masks, washing hands, and limiting border crossing when the news was broadcasted in their language. Y Tanh, an elderly in […]

Why President Buhari should not be re-elected (1)

Now, given that a lot will be at stake in 2019, it should no longer be a matter of just voting, of putting one’s thumbprint beside a particular party’s logo on a ballot paper. What will be needed this time around is reasoned voting, that is, voting on the basis of careful assessment of each […]

Asia’s factory activity plunges as coronavirus shock deepens

“If you look at the Korean numbers, they’re fairly bad … They’re likely to get worse still because Korea will be dependent on parts from Europe and the United States,” said Rob Carnell, Asia-Pacific chief economist at ING in Singapore.

Chinese COVID-19 disinformation campaigns commenced as early as January: Stanford

“Groundless speculation about the origins of the pandemic did not begin with Zhao, but the case of his eye-catching tweets reveals how China’s changing propaganda tactics have interacted with mangled news reporting, social media conspiracy theorising, and underlying US-China tensions — all resulting in high-profile misinformation about a public health crisis.”

Visitors must obey rules on quarantine, says president

[YONHAP]President Moon Jae-in warned of “strong legal measures” against anyone flying into Korea and violating the government’s self-isolation orders.Several local government offices have complained of foreigners and Koreans arriving from overseas disobeying self-isolation rules and roaming around their neighborhoods.At a cabinet meeting Tuesday, Moon stressed that it was crucial for everyone arriving from foreign countries […]