Weight loss hacks, stick to your diet plan and avoid overeating by using these 5 cheats

Seeing a low-fat label can make you overeat. Highly processed foods may also have labels like low-fat or low-cholesterol and are bad for health. Sugar-free products contain artificial sweeteners that trigger insulin release causing a blood sugar drop. That makes your body feel hungrier for food to balance the blood sugar levels.

Gogglebox’s Tom Malone Snr shocks fans with impressive weight loss in son’s TikTok dance video

His dance crew Ruff Diamond were runners-up on Sky One’s Got to Dance in 2013, although he now dances with Soul Mavericks.

Fans in SHOCK after Kourtney Kardashian shaves Reign’s hair off – see the dramatic change

The five-year-old had previously never had his hair cut and is now rocking a buzz cut, and the major change left mum-of-three feeling rather unsure about the change. Posting on Instagram, the 41-year-old uploaded a picture of her son showing off his new ‘do while Kourtney wrote in the caption: “I am not ok.”

Gemma Collins puts on a swimsuit and bombs into the swimming pool at her nephew’s party

Arg replied: “Insensitive,” while Gemma continued: “And the woman that saved your life has to pay for herself!!!”

Pineapples sexy? Only if you’re a very shortsighted porcupine… CHRISTOPHER STEVENS reviews last night’s TV

Dieter Zoe gave it a go and lost more than half a stone in a week. Her success was slightly marred by the stern medical warning, no doubt inserted at the insistence of Channel 4’s lawyers: crash diets are dangerous, you’ll put the weight back on, don’t try this at home. 

Gemma Collins strips down to her underwear in the street after noticing a crease in her trousers

“But now things are easing and we can travel again, it’s nice to be able to travel feeling more confident. I’m wearing bikinis for the first time in ages!”

World Breastfeeding Week 2020: Recent Developments On The Benefits Of Exclusive Breastfeeding

Evidence shows that a mother’s weight can impact the composition of her breast milk. A recent study reveals that the breast milk of obese women contains a higher level of total fat and hormones including leptin and insulin compared to the breast milk of normal-weight mothers. This difference has been proven to be more evident […]

James Argent breaks the law driving his moped without tax or insurance for two years

“It was the first time I actually thought I’m actually close to death. If I didn’t sort myself out I could have died. He went out of his way to get me into a rehab in Thailand and helped me with the financial side of things.

Gemma Collins goes topless as she lets her hair down on Greek holiday before being bombarded by fans

Instead, Gemma is focusing on “self-love” and has came to realise she doesn’t need a man to boost her confidence.

No time for meal prep? No sweat! Try these top-rated meal delivery kits

Yumble allows subscribers to choose between plans for six, 12, or 24 meals per week based on the number of children in the family. Thoughtful and foolproof recipe categories for dinners, lunches, and snacks include “Picky Kids,” “Vegetarian Kids,” and “Lunching Kids.” Underneath each recipe, subscribers will find important dietary info like “egg-free,” “vegetarian,” or […]