‘The End Of The F***ing World’ Producer Pens Open Letter Saying He Is “Shattered” After Being Told He Cannot Buy A BAFTA Statue

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The Problem of Choice in a Post-Pandemic World

The funny thing is that I have not stopped thinking about Jack’s dilemma either. It may be that as we exit this pandemic, all that we have to hold onto is ourselves. Maybe being “honest,” as Jack calls his likely admission against interest, will be more satisfying in the long run than an expedient that […]

How Manchuria Changed the World

Presided over by U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt, the post-war treaty saw Russia lose all its holdings in China and Japan gain effective control southern Manchuria, securing its influence in Korea, which it would officially takeover in 1910. China wasn’t even consulted during the negotiations.

Sixth Term: How the world has reacted to Belarus presidential vote

ALSO READ: 3,000 detained in Belarus protests, dozens wounded ― Police “I support Belarus people’s aspirations to live in a sovereign and democratic country with freedom of speech and assembly. I call on the government to refrain from the use of force.”

UK says it’s confident of Brexit trade deal as EU changing tone

LONDON (Reuters) – Britain’s top minister overseeing Brexit talks said on Friday he was confident a free trade deal would be clinched with the European Union as there had been a distinct change of tone from the bloc in recent weeks allowing progress to be made.

Beirut blast: judge questions security chiefs as third minister resigns

The explosion is believed to have been caused by a fire that ignited a stockpile of explosive material that had been stored at the port since 2013. The disaster has been widely blamed on years of corruption and neglect by the entrenched political leadership that has governed Lebanon since the 1975-1990 civil war.

German far right infiltrates green groups with call to protect the land

If the magazine’s political messages are at times deliberately covert, the leanings of its supporters are less so: one of its most prominent champions on social media is Björn Höcke, the Thuringian leader of far-right party Alternative für Deutschland’s aggressively nationalist wing – a German court last year ruled he could legally be called a […]

More migrants cross Channel to Britain as political tension rises

“This is serious for the people concerned, but it’s a modest movement by international standards and it’s certainly something that Britain can cope with,” he told Reuters, contrasting the situation with that of Lebanon, which has a million Syrian refugees.

Britain labels stabbing ‘atrocity’ in town park as terrorism

“This was an atrocity,” Basu said. “From our enquiries undertaken so far, officers have found nothing to suggest that there were any other people involved in the attack, and presently, we are not looking for anyone else in relation to this incident.”

Donors pledge 253 million euros in emergency aid for Lebanon after blast

Those commitments would not be conditional on political or institutional reform, President Emmanuel Macron’s office said. There were also pledges made for longer-term support that would depend on changes brought in by the authorities, the Elysee Palace said.