Boris Johnson Sets Out COVID-19 Road Map With Bars Opening Within Two Months

Meanwhile, Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said: “The Sunday papers is the first I’ve seen of the PM’s new slogan. It is of course for him to decide what’s most appropriate for England, but given the critical point we are at in tackling the virus, “Stay Home Save Lives” remains my clear message to Scotland […]

Apex Legends season 6 gameplay trailer previews new hero and map changes

Rampart is described as “an expert modder who made her name in underground fight clubs,” and she looks like quite the firecracker, seen in the new trailer gleefully dispatching human beings with her huge turret gun she calls “Sheila.” She even props up the thing right in front of a downed Legend and slaughters her […]

COVID-19 has changed how Ayurveda centres administer treatments

Dr Mirdaz says that while foreign tourists – Arabs and Europeans – made up a large chunk of those seeking treatments now it is locals. “If in the past we had 30-35 patients, today we have around four, all locals. The occupancy has dropped,” he says. Dr. Hareedran echoes the sentiment, “I would peg the […]

UK to mark 75th anniversary of Victory over Japan Day

The day’s tributes will begin with a piper playing Battle’s Over at the Imperial War Museum’s HMS Belfast in London. That will be followed by the national service of remembrance at the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire, which will be attended by veterans.

COVID-19 Outbreak Hits One of the First Cruise Ships Back at Sea

“The safety of our guests and crews is Hurtigruten’s highest priority. We are working closely with the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (FHI), Tromsø municipality, UNN and other resources both locally and nationally,” said Rune Thomas Ege, Vice President of Global Communications in Hurtigruten.

Protect your workforce from flu in a COVID-19 world

“The COVID-19 pandemic brings an additional layer of complexity to everyone’s preparations for flu season,” Staniforth says. “So we have to be vigilant, flexible, and creative as we work with employers to conduct socially-distanced clinics as safely as possible.” That means moving on-site clinics from small conference rooms to larger and airier auditoriums, or even […]

Downing Street Reportedly Pressured to Fast-Track Quarantine for Returnees from France

France Posts COVID-19 Surge The earlier decision to strip France, British holidaymakers’ second-favourite destination after Spain, of its quarantine exemption status followed a record daily surge in new COVID-19 cases reported by the country at 5pm on Thursday. On 13 August, France registered 2,669 new cases of the coronavirus infection in just 24 hours, marking […]

After Facebook Meeting, Civil Rights Leaders Say Mark Zuckerberg’s Trump Policy Explanation Was ‘Incomprehensible’

“Unlike Twitter, we do not have a policy of putting a warning in front of posts that may incite violence because we believe that if a post incites violence, it should be removed regardless of whether it is newsworthy, even if it comes from a politician. We have been in touch with the White House […]

A cleaning expert explains the best way to clean cloth face masks after you wear them

Coffee filters: Disposable paper products are not washable, so replace them after each use. HVAC filters: While they are washable, manufacturers warn that they’re intended for single use. If you decide to sew the filters between cotton fabrics, wash in the same way as mentioned above, but keep in mind that the effectiveness will decrease […]

Bright spots for trade in Asia

This commission meeting should be notable for a few reasons. First, it is an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of the agreement after more than 18 months in operation. While trade flows remain depressed under the pandemic, governments like Vietnam have taken advantage of the opportunity to expand knowledge. Vietnam held 577 seminars and workshops […]