Moscow Expects Germany to Share Alleged Evidence on Navalny and Bundeswehr Lab Tests

“We expect Berlin to provide all the available data: both results of the Bundeswehr’s laboratory tests and the ‘evidence’ that the German Foreign Ministry has … I expect the German ambassador at Smolenka [street in Moscow where the Russian Foreign Ministry is located]. It is time to show the cards since everyone understands that Berlin […]

Boris Johnson says he wants EVERYBODY in the UK to be able to take a coronavirus test EVERYDAY to get life back to normal after Matt Hancock blasted people for needlessly booking checks

PEOPLE BEING DIRECTED TO TESTING STATIONS 100+ MILES AWAY IS ‘LUDICROUS’, DOCTORS SAY  The British Medical Association today said it was ‘ludicrous’ that the coronavirus test booking system is directing people to centres dozens or even hundreds of miles away from their homes. 

Machine that processes 15,000 swabs per day, a 20-second saliva test and £28-a-go nostril sample analyser: How accurate are the tests being lined up for Boris Johnson’s ‘Operation Moonshot’ plan to check 10million people a DAY?

Chris Sale, CEO and co-founder of Nonacus, said: ‘It will allow us to extend the technology to include SARS-CoV-2 as part of a comprehensive respiratory viral surveillance product so, if your cough is not due to COVID-19, we will be able to tell you what is causing it.’

Houston hospital voids charges from extra tests patients didn’t consent to

The Texas Association of Health Plans has said that they’ve seen a trend of increased COVID-19 testing prices during the pandemic. TAHP released a statement saying that they and their member plans are “fully supportive of stronger state and federal action aimed at preventing price gouging and prohibiting surprise billing for all Texans on COVID-19-related […]

Coronavirus ‘hasn’t gone away’: Deputy Chief Medical officer warns Britain faces ‘a bumpy ride over the next few months’ if Britons don’t social distance despite Matt Hancock saying cases are NOT out of control

Even though case numbers are high, the percentage of people testing positive for the disease is still dramatically lower than it was at the peak of the crisis. For this reason, experts say figures should not be compared to the height of the outbreak because so many more tests are being done now in comparison.

Millions of Americans have taken COVID-19 antibody tests – but scientists STILL don’t know if positive tests mean people are protected against the virus despite early promises they would be ‘safe to return to work’

In the meantime, experts say antibody tests are useful for two things: Large studies in the general population to see how widely the coronavirus has spread, and screening people who may be able to donate their antibody-rich blood plasma, which is used as an experimental treatment for COVID-19.

Coronavirus: ‘Rush’ for tests amid Caerphilly lockdown

“We have recently announced £32m to increase capacity to process tests at laboratories in Wales, which includes extending our regional labs to 24-hour operation and six new ‘hot labs’ at hospitals across Wales. This investment will increase our testing resilience ahead of the winter.”

Why is there a problem with getting a test for Covid-19 in the UK?

What has gone wrong? Sarah-Jane Marsh, the director of testing at NHS test and trace, said on Tuesday that the problem was not a lack of capacity at testing centres themselves but at the labs that process the swabs, which she described as “a critical pinch-point”. When demand is high, access to tests is paused […]

Rapid, Inexpensive, Easy COVID-19 Saliva Test Could Soon Be Available

Randy True runs FloodLAMP. He plans on using the Harvard test to screen schools and workplaces in the Bay Area. The idea: that an entire workplace or school would get tested daily so that classes or work groups would know if it was safe to return to work the following day or if someone needed […]

‘Dragon has many heads’: Court orders Covid-19 tests for migrants returning to Delhi

It observed that the report pointed out that a significant number of the population was asymptomatic which acted as “silent spreaders” and caused damage to the city. It said that there is an urgent need for testing such persons to curb the further spread more so because everything has been thrown open in Unlock-4 guidelines […]