Coping With COVID-19 Crisis: A Scandi Perspective; SF Studios On How Virus Challenge Sits In 101 Years Of History & Sweden’s Lack Of Lockdown

Wikström Nicastro: Indeed, not to mention the bigger changes the pandemic will have for the industry. I think the crisis is making the digital transformation happen even faster on many levels. I don’t think the theatrical experience is going to suffer long term however, but audiences will demand even more from theatrical films. On the […]

Expert charges FG on maritime security to boost investors’ confidence

“The focal point of maritime security has shifted from focusing on preventive measures against smugglers of illicit drugs and contraband to national security concerns, such as terrorist attacks, political and economic instability. When neglected, maritime insecurity could lead to destabilization of a country’s economic and social growth, investors will be discouraged if safety is compromised.

June Oven Review

June encourages you to create your own recipes, with a fairly straightforward option in the app. But in order for novices to feel comfortable going beyond one-step instructions (heat to 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 minutes), the company needs to be more transparent with how its own recipes work. It lists the cook times for […]

Surveillance court wants FBI to explain new reported shortcomings

The FBI has said it is making a series of changes to the handling of FISA applications. But the inspector general’s findings have fueled criticism from some Republican lawmakers and President Donald Trump, who accuse the FBI of abusing its powers in its investigation of the Trump campaign beginning in 2016.

Jets’ new center McGovern raised on football and potatoes

“The family business isn’t your typical, you know, what people probably in the city picture as a farm with the red silos and all that kind of stuff,” McGovern said Friday during a conference call. “But, it obviously taught me a lot about hard work and how to handle ups and downs.”

Africa virus fight draws on Ebola experience

The UN agencies initiative followed the launch of the $2.5 billion global humanitarian plan against the pandemic on March 25 by Antonio Guterres, the UN secretary-general. The money is aimed at financing the fight in the world’s most vulnerable countries, most of which are in Africa.

Fifa 16 review – women lead the way to another title win

Pace and power are still as important as any other attribute, but timing – bursting past a full-back at the right instant, or shrugging off a central defender just as a crossed ball meets your striker’s forehead – is now critical in using them correctly. Nowhere is this better showcased than in the newly introduced […]

Chelsea transfer blow as PSG join race for Real Madrid defender Hakimi on loan at Dortmund

With Carvajal seemingly going nowhere, Madrid chiefs are wary of stunting Hakimi’s growth by bringing him back and losing out on the possibility of cashing in on the in-form defender.

U.S. sounds alarm on coronavirus in Japan, Tokyo pushes for state of emergency

These include working from home where possible and avoiding outings to bars and nightclubs – advice many have yet to heed, although coffee chain Starbucks and clothing retailer Uniqlo joined a string of other businesses in saying they would shutter dozens of stores this weekend.

NASA has never gone this long without a formal administrator

Since Bolden left, NASA has been grappling with trying to find a destination for its human exploration program. The agency has begun to de-emphasize a “Journey to Mars” as the Trump administration has said it would prefer to send humans to the Moon first. There are momentous decisions to be made about how to get […]