Xinhua Headlines: From factories in east China to hospitals across Africa, Chinese help boosts confidence in COVID-19 fight

“The message is very important. It is a very good example for all over the world that feel panic and blame is not the answer. The answer is organizations, countries, institutions, and governments bringing their resources together to team up to provide this kind of medical supplies for the protection of the people. So, this […]

‘We’re not hungry, we need masks’ says Australian doctor on coronavirus frontline

“If you go into the community you see on the faces of a lot of people the N95 masks and not enough in the hospital,” said the emergency doctor in the state of New South Wales (NSW), which has nearly half of the country’s more than 5,700 cases and has recorded the most deaths as […]

Why are NBA superstars shunning Team USA at the World Cup?

There’s also a negative way to spin this. The Portland Trail Blazers’ CJ McCollum has suggested that some players may have dropped out because this team is especially vulnerable to one of those embarrassing loses that affects the US team every decade or so. “I think other guys looked at it like, ‘Why would I […]

Mothers band together to run mental health support group

I was convinced my baby deserved a better mum Reality Check: Are new mums getting the help they need? Stacey Powell, 28, from Abbeycwmhir near Llandrindod Wells, coped well after her first child Nerys but things were very different following the birth of 18-month-old Ffion.

PIERS MORGAN: In just five brief minutes of calm empathy, fortitude and history, the Queen inspired her people to overcome this coronavirus crisis better than President Trump has rallied Americans with 50 hours of rambling, self-promoting twaddle

From Trump’s shocking complacency during the first weeks of crisis and his frequent bogus statistical claims about everything from coronavirus tests to protection equipment for health workers, to his constant disingenuous boasts of how well he is handling things, and unduly confident predictions that it will all be over soon when there’s no evidence that […]

India vs England: Ageless Ashish Nehra Reveals What Makes Him Tick

Asked to compare his own bowling with that of younger teammate, Nehra said they are “completely different bowlers.” “He may bowl a one-off over with the new ball whereas I bowl three overs up front because I know that the team wants me to strike early, especially while defending such a 130-140 types total. I […]

View: Faith in Indian science and technology begins at home

It is a harsh reminder of the interconnectedness of the global economy that a microscopic, yet lethal, virus can bring it to its knees. Once the medical crisis begins to recede, governments will be looking for ways to shore up their countries’ economies. The approaches they take will have long-lasting impact, so they need to […]

How to get your family to help with household chores, starting today

“They have more satisfying sex. They are less likely to talk about getting a divorce or that their relationship is in trouble,” Yavorsky said. “Having these egalitarian relationships set up the relationship for less marital discord, less conflict and less resentment, which can be a huge detractor for marriages and relationships.”

‘Shut the F*** up’: What one sailor shouted when Acting Navy Secretary Thomas Modly flew to Guam and told fired aircraft carrier’s captain’s crew their hero ‘was too naive or too stupid to be a commanding officer’

And he concluded with these words: ‘Still I understand that you may be angry with me for the rest of your lives. I guarantee that you won’t be alone. Being angry is not your duty. Your duty is to each other, to this ship and to the nation that build it for you to protect them. […]

USS Theodore Roosevelt sailors believe fired captain should have been PROMOTED for letter pleading for help to evacuate and say they ‘braced for the worst’ when coronavirus spread through the ship

General Mark Milley (left), the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Admiral Michael Gilday (right), the chief of naval operations, were initially opposed to the decision to fire the captain of the USS Roosevelt after his letter warning of a coronavirus outbreak leaked to the press