Coronavirus brings UK housing market to ‘near standstill’ – RICS

“For those who can afford to move they may lack confidence in the market, adding to the slow down. A stamp duty (property purchase tax) holiday could be one of the ways to reactivate the housing market quickly as a short term measure,” RICS said.

Former WHO executive and Number 10 advisor reveals four-step ‘exit strategy’ to ease UK out of lockdown – with small businesses to reopen on April 27 and pubs back in action by May 18

‘We’ve got a constitutional monarchy so the monarch is the head of states and has all of that. In America the President is head of state, so that is probably why it has come through in this way. But it is worth considering whether there should in future be special measures for health within the […]

Britain braces for WEEKS more lockdown: Dominic Raab chairs Cobra crisis meeting with Boris Johnson still in intensive care – as police call for new LAWS to tighten restrictions over sunny Easter weekend

And even if that were achieved, life would not suddenly resume as it was before the draconian measures were placed upon us.  Dr Joe Grove, of UCL’s department of infection and immunity, told The Telegraph: ‘Once the current epidemic peak has passed, simply returning to life as usual would likely trigger another epidemic.

Boris Johnson is ‘sitting up in bed’: Rishi Sunak reveals PM’s condition is ‘improving’ and he is alert and ‘engaging’ with staff in intensive care unit – after it emerged he didn’t see a doctor for a WEEK while self-isolating with coronavirus

Duncan Young, professor of intensive care medicine at the University of Oxford, said UK evidence suggests the commonest stay on an intensive care unit (ICU) for patients who survive Covid-19 is four days, but a quarter stay for eight or more days.

Japan’s COVID-19 State of Emergency Locks Down Criticism

Other basic information is kept from the public without any explanation. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government has a COVID-19 web page and seems to be promoting transparency by putting out the daily number of the infected. However, it won’t tell you how many people asked to be tested or how many people were actually tested; basic […]

Winning Was the Easy Part. Now Biden Has to Charm Bernie’s Base

“I don’t think this is about making concessions on policy,” said Matt Bennett, co-founder of the centrist Democratic think tank Third Way. “The primary fight was a contest of ideas, and Biden’s won by a wide margin. He is under no obligation to change that now, and he shouldn’t. He has made some tweaks. Now […]

Boris Becker claims diplomatic immunity to avoid bankruptcy charges

Boris Becker turns 50: His career in pictures ‘Head of tennis’ All through his ups and downs, Boris Becker has remained the face of men’s tennis in Germany. In August 2017, the German tennis federation (DTB) has named him to the newly created post of “head of tennis.” In his new role, he is to […]

Forced auction of tennis star Boris Becker’s items put on hold

Boris Becker turns 50: His career in pictures Looking back with satisfaction Becker, seen here at the 2017 ATP Finals in London, refused to answer when asked by a reporter to say how he planned to celebrate his 50th birthday. “This is a private matter that I will not comment on,” he said. In a […]

Boris Becker’s 1985 Wimbledon win: A bolt from the blue

Boris Becker turns 50: His career in pictures Surplus to requirements Djokovic and Becker formed a successful partnership, with the Serbian winning six Grand Slam titles under the German’s tutelage. It all fell apart in late 2016 though. Becker pointed to a lack of intensity in training as the reason for Djokovic’s dip in form. […]

No flour, pasta or eggs? The perfect substitutes for 20 common ingredients

Like life itself, cooking at home is likely to change radically in the coming months. It will be a sanctuary for some and a chore for others, but in an era of lockdowns, we will all sometimes be frustrated by not having this or that ingredient to hand – and no longer being able to […]