UK’s Huawei 5G Network Ban May Cost Economy £18.2bn, £173bn In GDP As Britain Loses 5G Lead – Report

Culture secretary Oliver Dowden announced in July that the UK would ban Huawei from building British 5G networks, citing potential threats to the “long-term security” of network supply lines due to US sanctions, among others and adding that London would continue to work with Five Eyes countries – the United States, Canada, Australia and New […]

UK weather forecast Met Office issues warnings as 60mph gales hit before ‘bulge in the jet stream’ brings mini-heatwave

“We’ll really start to notice it on Sunday with 25C on the cards, before 31C on Monday and again Tuesday.”

UK weather forecast: Sizzling 31C heatwave will send temperatures soaring just as Covid clampdown begins

It comes after a barmy August which saw a heatwave, two named storms and widespread flooding.

Brexit: UK firms ‘under-prepared’ for new EU trading rules

UK ‘sleepwalking into disaster’ over border plans What are the sticking points in Brexit trade talks? Barnier: UK risks no-deal unless it compromises And they have made £85m available to help firms deal with new customs declarations, including £50m to recruit an anticipated 50,000 new customs agents, to train them and build new IT systems.

Coronavirus outbreaks at 62 UK schools leaves hundreds of students in isolation

A health protection team has been carrying out contact tracing with the “small number” of pupils who have been in the presence of a coronavirus infection case.

Coronavirus: Churches may not be back to normal by end of year

A survey by ComRes last week found that almost one in four British adults have watched or listened to a religious service since lockdown began. Academics from British Religion in Numbers estimate that typically just 6% of adults regularly attend a religious service.

Boris Johnson Accuses EU of Threatening UK’s Territorial Integrity Amid Row Over New Bill

“So let’s end any potential for misunderstanding. Let’s remove this danger to the very fabric of the United Kingdom. Let’s make the EU take their threats off the table. And let’s get this Bill through, back up our negotiators and protect our country,” Johnson wrote. © AFP 2020 / TORU YAMANAKA

Brexit: Geoffrey Cox says PM ‘damaging’ UK’s reputation with bill

Brexit bill powers ‘insurance policy’ for UK Blair and Major urge MPs to reject Brexit bill ‘Firm and strong’ EU response expected – Irish PM The UK has insisted there must be no new checks on goods moving from Northern Ireland to Great Britain when it leaves the EU’s single market and customs union on […]

Brexit: Ministers to unveil law on policing UK trade

Minister: New bill will ‘break international law’ Ministers unveil post-Brexit powers for UK nations Fresh row over devolved powers after Brexit What do I need to know about Brexit now? The legislation will see Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland handed powers in areas such as air quality and building efficiency currently regulated at EU level.

Brexit talks set to resume despite UK rejecting EU ultimatum

Despite bitter arguments over legislation and a huge list of outstanding issues still to be ironed out in bilateral trade talks; despite time and trust running out on both sides; neither the EU nor the UK seem to want to be the first ones to walk out the door.