China to build world’s most expensive film studio

Yet the country’s film industry is burdened by a stultifying bureaucracy and draconian censorship apparatus. While its box office has grown dramatically in recent years, Hollywood imports account for the bulk of its profits. US-China ­co-productions have become common, but few have gone on to conquer global markets. Many get so tangled up in negotiations […]

Dusting off the past: Specialist cleaners remove lockdown grime from the exhibits at the British Museum as it prepares to reopen later this month

Anyone wishing to visit the British Museum will need to pre-book. They will have to follow a one-way route around the collection to see exhibits such as a colossal guardian lion statue around 860BC, which symbolised Ishtar, the Assyrian goddess of war

Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan

In 1946, Zayed became governor of the eastern zone of Al Ain. Showing early diplomatic acumen, he persuaded the mighty Saudis to shelve their claim to Al Ain’s oases. He eschewed confrontation in favour of sura (consultation) and ijma (consensus) and got local landowners to share precious water resources. Still passionate about ecology as UAE […]

Across China: World’s porcelain factories aim for upgrades with innovation

Li Junjie, who runs a ceramic flowerpot plant in Dehua County, did not sell a single pot to his overseas customers during the COVID-19 pandemic. The factory used to export 30 percent of its flowerpots to the United States and Spain, but Li managed to make up for the lost deals by selling on domestic […]

Fact Check: Sen. Elizabeth Warren Claims U.S. Has ‘Most COVID Deaths in the World’

The CFR does not account for silent cases — asymptomatic and mild infections that do not require medical attention. It is merely the number of deaths divided by the number of confirmed cases. Health analysts have noted that CFR is significantly higher than the infection fatality rate (IFR), which accounts for people who do not […]

Meet ‘Minecraft’ Builders Who Craft Impossibly Detailed Virtual Worlds

Take GoCreative, for example, which was founded by a German teenager and Brandon Relph, an enterprising 15 year-old from the UK. Relph made £10,000 last year building scene recreations from a film and scale replicas of famous landmarks – all the while maintaining good grades at school and setting aside only a few hours a […]

The struggle over Israel’s Shabbat

Israel’s labor law stipulates that the weekly rest will last 36 hours in a row, and for Jews Saturday is the day of rest, so it is strictly forbidden to employ Jews on that day. The intention is to prevent exploitation by employers, but it also creates a total lack of flexibility in the labor […]

In Paris, the Pompidou Centre prepares to reopen with one-way system and masks

A staff member walks past art-work at the Centre Georges Pompidou modern art museum during a visit following the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak, in Paris, France, June 15, 2020. Picture taken June 15, 2020. REUTERS/Christian Hartmann REUTERS/Christian Hartmann

Unveiled: China’s secretive stealth fighter

The long-range J-20, armed with air-to-air missiles, performed its first test flight in 2011 and has been the object of feverish attention by the nation’s aviation buffs. At least six prototypes have been produced, according to an annual report on the Chinese military issued by the Pentagon this year.